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Applications for workflow and web content management that use web browsers as the application client. Works on a range of platforms and web servers.

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See Also:
  • Web Update Builder - A stand-alone program that allows non-technical users to make updates desktop applications to their web sites while protecting the original layout.
  • CyberTeams Inc. - Applications for workflow and web content management that content management use site management web browsers as the application client. content management Works on site management a range of platforms and web content management servers.
  • Invicta Software - Swedish firm offering Website Manager. Details of products and support.
  • Fog Creek Software - CityDesk is a Windows-based desktop content management application available in a freeware (50 page), home (500 pages) and professional (multi-user) edition.
  • Real Time System - Update your web site in real time from site management your content management PC with the iNET RealTime System data site management management.
  • GlobalSCAPE, Inc. - GlobalSCAPE provides Internet software in a wide array of categories site management including file management, web development, and multimedia utilities.
  • EditLive! - Customizable software enabling business users to create and update content, desktop applications while allowing IT staff to maintain necessary administration and stylistic desktop applications controls.
  • Straight2web - PC-based program for creating and maintaining websites and content management CD catalogs without programming.
  • FeedStream - A software company in Canada that produces FLUiD, an XML-based content management Web content management system designed for non-technical users in small- content management to medium-sized organizations.

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