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Perlscript for website logfiles: See the hits for each page graphed over time, with many other useful reports also. GPL.

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Analog* - A popular free tool. Includes full C source code. Pre-built executables are available for Windows and Mac.

  • BlibbleBlobble LogAnalyser - Perlscript for website logfiles: See the hits for each page site management graphed over time, with many other useful reports also. site management GPL.
  • MagicStats - Open Source Log analysis system. Uses Java freeware and open freeware and open source source for some graphic displays.
  • RobotStats - A free Open Source PHP application tracking the visits of freeware and open source Googlebot and many more robots to your site with full freeware and open source statistics in tables and graphs.
  • BBClone - A PHP web counter that logs and show each IP site management address with reverse DNS, operating system, browser, referring URL, visit site management time and number of visits in a graphical interface. [Open site management source, GPL]
  • WebLog - Perl script, keeps track of activity by month, log analysis week, log analysis day and hour, to monitor total hits, log analysis bytes transferred, log analysis page views, and most popular pages. log analysis Reads NCSA common log analysis or combined log files, as log analysis well as Microsoft extended log analysis format log files. [Open log analysis Source, no redi
  • AWStats - An open source log analyzer. Along with freeware and open source the usual web statistics of pages, hits, also freeware and open source shows busiest hours, a search engine breakout with freeware and open source keywords, robots, and broken links. Works with IIS freeware and open source or Apache using a Perl script, GNU GPL.
  • The Big Brother Log Analyzer (BBLA) - A free open-source image based page tracker. site management Reporting freeware and open source generates W3C-compliant HTML and PNG images.
  • Realtracker Website Statistics - A free tracking tool providing instant statistics about site management visitors. Can also be configured to allow site management visitors to leave their opinions about a web site management site. Interesting attempt at proxy IP tracking.
  • HitsLog Script - Allows users on shared hosting plans (who may freeware and open log analysis source not have access to site logs) to create freeware and log analysis open source site logs. Freeware, but users need permissions freeware log analysis and open source for CGI, Perl and SSI.
  • PowerPhlogger - PHP/MySQL logging tool via counters. Open Source, GPL.
  • Snowhare's Utilities - A collection of free Perl scripts for analyzing log analysis web site management server logs (FTPWebLog, RefStats, BrowserCounter, AccountStats, CookieStats, log analysis FavIconTracker), and site management other web site support tasks (Usenet-Web, log analysis HTMLThumbnail, Bookmarker)
  • phpOpenTracker - A framework solution for the analysis of website log analysis traffic and visitor analysis. Features a logging engine log analysis that, either invoked as a web-bug by an log analysis HTML img tag or embedded with two lines log analysis of code in a PHP application, logs each log analysis request to a website into a da
  • NedStat - Tracks your hits on their server. Free for non-commercial users. Uses counters, popular in europe.
  • RCounter - A free web-statistics tool for your site. RCounter site management will log analysis help you to monitor your web site site management traffic, measure log analysis online behavior and profile visitors.
  • LogReport Foundation - Develops and maintains Lire, an Open Source reporting and analysis freeware and open source software. Also has a nexus of documentation, ideas, and freeware and open source thought on the topic of log files and their potential freeware and open source applications.
  • GeoIP - A Free software oriented company, MaxMind provides freely site management available site management databases and APIs called GeoIP, and commercial site management services, for site management finding the approximate geographical location of site management IP addresses. site management See also Geolizer and AWstats site management for GPL\'d GeoIP-based log site management analy
  • Wwwstat - The original perl-based log analyzer, under "artistic license". Not updated since 1996.
  • Modlogan - A modular logfile analyzer which is currently able to parse freeware and open source ftp-, webserver and squid logs. The generated output can be freeware and open source viewed by a webbrowser or a text editor; full template freeware and open source engine for customized output.
  • Pathalizer - Log analysis tool to visualize the paths most site management users freeware and open source take when browsing a website. Generates a site management directed, weighed freeware and open source graph from an apache log. (GNU site management GPL).
  • Visitors - An opensource web log analyzer written in ANSI log analysis C, available for Unix and Windows. Can perform log analysis path analysis and visualization using graphviz.
  • W3Perl - Setiware log analyzer in Perl. Provides the log analysis basic log analysis statistics, ISP ready, good admin docs and log analysis pre-formatted html log analysis pages.
  • ZoomStats - Open Source tracking system utilizing either PHP files, log analysis JavaScript log analysis code (web beacon). Planning to include web log analysis server\'s log log analysis files. GPL
  • Relax - Free analyzer for referrers. Written in PERL, log analysis this program recognizes many search engines (current list log analysis at the site) and organizes popular keywords used log analysis to get to your site. GPL.
  • Dailystats - Analyzes the referer log, detects and evaluates gateways, site management identifies site management keywords, and breaks down accesses per document site management and per site management referring domain. Written in Perl. site management [Open Source, GPL]
  • Http-Analyze - A fast logfile analyzer for web servers. It log analysis creates a statistics report in HTML and log analysis VRML format. Free for non-commercial use.
  • Sherlog - Sherlog is not a statistics generator like Webalizer; instead, focuses on providing a view of visitors\' routes on a website.
  • Webtrax Help - A log file analysis program for NCSA web freeware and open source server logs, which produces up to twenty different freeware and open source graphical and tabular reports.
  • LogFile Analyse - A logfile analysis program by Jan Winkler.
  • VISITaTOR - a free web mining tool - Clustering and visual presentation of site visitor groups site management based on access patterns
  • Sevink Internet Advertising - A unique combination of rotating banners, page counter freeware and open source and analyzing your web-site

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