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Provides technology developers and their licensees with escrow protection of: their software source code, database contents, support documentation, other intellectual property.

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See Also:
  • Agilis Software LLC - Software copy protection for Java, C/C++ and VB programs.
  • Belarc, Inc - PC Asset Management and software compliance products.
  • Axios Systems - Developers of Assyst Enterprise, an integrated Help Desk and IT licensing Service Management Solution.
  • Escrow Associates LLC - Software escrow and technology escrow and trade secret protection of software intellectual property assets.
  • SS Information Systems - Dongle-based copy protection system.
  • Corporate Software - Software procurement and contract management products and services.
  • Sassafras Software - Software auditing and usage management tools. [Windows, MacOS, licensing Thin-Client]
  • Waterfront Technologies - Products and services for Software Asset Management, License license management Administration, licensing Compliance Management, Usage Metering and License Portfolio license management Analysis.
  • ABC Enterprise Systems - Developers of software metering, usage management and ASP metering solutions. licensing Includes product overviews and support information.
  • Guard-It Corp. - Provides technology developers and their licensees with escrow software protection of: licensing their software source code, database contents, software support documentation, other intellectual licensing property.
  • Centennial Discovery - Network hardware and software audit product with software license management usage license management and physical location detection.
  • Aladdin - Developer of \\'HASP\\' hardware based software license protection license management and software 'Privilege' software licensing and distribution server.
  • EscrowTech International, Inc. - Software escrow and intellectual property protection services.
  • DSI Technology Escrow Services - Services for escrow of software, source code and software technology. Escrow agreements are available online.
  • Escrow Europe - Source code escrow and related services. (Site in licensing English, German, licensing and Dutch.)
  • Gasp - The Gasp range of PC/Mac hardware and software license management audit products.
  • IBM - Provider of LUM - License Use Management.
  • Deposix Software Escrow - Provider of software escrow and technical verification services licensing worldwide, with offices in Germany and the US.
  • X-Formation - Provides license management and statistics software for vendors license management and licensing end users.
  • National Software Escrow, Inc. - Provides escrow arrangements for software developers and users.
  • License Online Software Distribution, Inc. - Specialty e-commerce distribution company focused on delivering software licensing and licensing solutions to Independent Software Vendors.
  • Protexis - Software licensing and registration services, including product encryption and transaction payment processing.
  • Systemhound - Low cost audit product for Microsoft Windows platforms.
  • NCC Group - Software Escrow solutions for software source code and other business data.
  • Software Asset Management Services, Inc. - Offers company information, services overview, FAQ and contact license management information
  • Elite Compliance Group - Provides automated software compliance tools and services that optimize software licenses.
  • Lincoln-Parry SoftEscrow - Complete services for escrow of: software, source code, license management technology. Protects: trade secrets, intellectual property, proprietary information.
  • Link Data Security - Provides piracy protection products for CDs, DVDs and web content. software Based in Denmark.
  • Adminpal - Provides low cost hardware and software auditing for licensing Windows 2000/XP.

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