Design and Materials Management Manufacturing Software

Computer gear simulation for hypoid, spiral bevel, helicon, worm, variable ratio, rack and pinion. Master digital gears. 3-D gear CAD models.

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  • Steel Fabrication Software - Supplies software for the steel fabricator including trigonometry software and development manufacturing of patterns or templates required in software pipe fabrication.
  • TeamSET - Concurrent engineering software to support product design teams.
  • TRANSVALOR Software Solutions - Metal and plastic forming, including forging, cogging, extruding, design and materials management bending, thermoforming, and blow molding.
  • Pattern Systems International - Supplies production-quality software for woodworking, metal, glass, plastics design and materials design and materials management management industries.
  • Spiroid Gear Software - Computer gear simulation for hypoid, spiral bevel, helicon, design and materials design and materials management management worm, variable ratio, rack and pinion. Master digital design and design and materials management materials management gears. 3-D gear CAD models.
  • ERATZ-Ingenieurbuero - Graphic interactive software program for (cross) roller tool design. CAD software service, software service, FEM analysis.
  • Seltek (UK) Ltd - Esti-Magic costing, estimating, quotations for manufacturers of injection moulded parts software in plastic or rubber; also for mould tool manufacturers.
  • Pump Selection Software - Publish product catalogues on CD or via Internet; software hydraulic Selection manufacturing includes friction loss calculation; product-related selection software via series and pump manufacturing name; spare-parts selection; calculations software for curve manipulation; CAD
  • Cadd Masters - Offers AutoCAD add-on software for design of sheet metal stamping manufacturing dies. Describes and illustrates capabilities.
  • PolyDynamics, Inc. - Global supplier of PC-based software for simulation, analysis, software design and software troubleshooting of plastics extrusion and other software polymer processing operations.
  • ElecDes - Electrical and instrumentation design software. Schematic capture and manufacturing layout.
  • Forestry Systems, Inc. - Provides windows, log, lumber, pallet, and dimension software, also inventory manufacturing systems and hand held data collectors, since 1987.
  • Type3 - Computer software for industrial engraving and sculpting. Compatible with and CNV or engraving machine.
  • Process Simulation Software - SimCad process modeling and simulation software can be used to manufacturing model and simulate any set of business processes, from manufacturing, manufacturing assembly, and conveyor systems, to lab and robotics automation, to manufacturing workflow and business reegineering. Free demo
  • Dariusz Holender - Inventory management system is suitable for manufacturers. Initially developed for windows and doors manufacturers, already linked with the Windowmaker software.
  • Tec-Ease, Inc. - Electronic version of ASME Y14.5M-1994 Standard. Searches, definitions, software smart look-up, zoom in on graphics for detail.
  • Media-Logic Software - Software, graphics, multimedia authoring for industries. Applications for software ceramic tiles, design and materials management paints, cloths, furniture, interior design and software other fields. High-tech custom design and materials management solutions, web sites and software applications, multimedia CDs, electronic price lists, design and materials management CAD / software CAM
  • Questica Inc - Questica 2000 is project-based enterprise resource planning software manufacturing specifically for software small to mid-sized, project based, custom manufacturing design manufacturers (CDM). Shortens software the order-to-ship timeline, reduces manufacturing production costs and delivers "real-time" bu
  • Timbersoft - Wood manufacturing software package.
  • Steel Solutions, Inc. - Develops Visual Steel 2000, a structural steel fabrication manufacturing management system.
  • Trimplus - Optimization software program used to find the best grouping of manufacturing items in order to minimize losses during production.
  • ZeroRejects by Jim Winings - SPC program calculates sigma (standard deviation) from 3 to 6 units in .5 unit steps. In other words, 6 Sigma. It allows for user definable design margin settings.
  • Optimumcut - Provides online optimisation and cutting data procurement service manufacturing for all linear material types and offers computer-aided manufacturing ice skate sharpening and profiling services.

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