Customer Master Data Management Software

Customer Information Management (CIM) or Customer Data Integration (CDI) focused tools. Gartner defines customer data integration (CDI) as "the combination of the technology, processes and services needed to create and maintain an accurate, timely and complete view of the customer across multiple channels, business lines and, enterprises, where there are multiple sources of customer data in multiple application systems and databases".

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See Also:
  • D&B Purisma - Customer identity management solution that provides unified customer views including customer automated matching and exception handling.
  • Siperian Corporation - Customer Data Integration (CDI) platform.
  • BDS SingleVision - Data integration software providing a view of customer customer and prospect master data management information stored across multiple databases.
  • Initiate Systems, Inc. - Customer data integration (CDI) solution.
  • IBM WCC - Customer data integration (CDI) solution. Formerly DWL.
  • IBM to buy customer data-hub maker DWL - InfoWorld article by Stacy Cowley on IBM\\'s purchase master data management customer of CDI-vendor DWL.
  • Oracle Customer Data Hub - Integrated customer data management solution that centralizes, de-duplicates, software and enriches software customer data and synchronizes with multiple software data sources.
  • Dun & Bradstreet Buys Purisma - article by Phillip Britt noting the purchase customer of CDI-vendor Purisma.
  • VisionWare plc - Customer data integration (CDI) hub provider with a customer focus on software the public sector. Based in customer Scotland.

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