File Transfer Networking Software

Web based file transfer and data sharing services for large files. Built for businesses and organizations that send and receive large files regularly from multiple contacts such as clients and contractors.

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  • ipcopy - ipcopy is a command line tool to copy file transfer files software over IP between two computers in a file transfer Window command software shell.
  • BeInSync - Securely and seamlessly synchronize multiple PCs and allow software sharing data networking of any size with others. BeInSync software for Win2K or Windows networking XP.
  • UDP Cast - File transfer tool that can send data simultaneously software to many destinations on a LAN. Multicast software files and OS installations over LAN.
  • Proginet Corporation - Offers universal, multi-platform software solutions for fast, inexpensive, and secure file transfer file transfers both inside and outside the enterprise.
  • JustUpload - A service that enables sharing and transfer of networking files up file transfer to 100 MB with users and networking customers. The service requires file transfer a web browser. Offers networking file transfer without the need to file transfer deploy complex networking software.
  • FastLynx - FastLynx transfers files, directories, or entire disks from networking one computer to another via a USB, serial, networking or parallel cable, or over a network using networking TCP/IP or Windows named pipes. Allows transfer networking of files between any combination of Windows versions networking (even Li
  • FolderShare - A service that allows automatic file synchronization between software your personal networking computers and allows file sharing with software others in a secure networking environment.
  • Unlimi-Tech Software - Web-based solutions for the file transfer market.
  • IBEX Software - Bring software solutions to power users and organizations. WtsFtp enables transfer of files between a Terminal ServicesĀ®/Remote Desktop Server and a Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Client.
  • SoftLink Ltd. - Offers enterprise file exchange, data distribution solutions and software enhanced secure networking file transfer software for heterogeneous networking software environments.
  • YouSendIt - File transfer and email service. Also offer secure file transfer and large file transfer.
  • Powercopy - PC-PC direct cable connection program, using the highspeed networking ECP parallel interface LPT with an integrated harddisk-backup networking feature.
  • Gigabyte Express - Express is Windows or Mac based application software networking providing peer-to-peer file transfer over Internet Protocol networks. networking For large file transfers, GBX utilizes lossless compression.
  • EDITH File transfer monitor - EDITH is a monitor designed to handle file transfer : file transfer Multiple protocols Simultaneous multiple transfers file transfer Multiple networks : X25 - X32 - ISDN - TCP/IP
  • FileFlow - Provider of secure and fast file transfer services networking and software. file transfer FileFlow enables sending of large files networking to any email address.
  • Signiant - Develops software solutions and professional services products that file transfer enable networking enterprises to centrally control and securely move file transfer their remote networking data.
  • FilesDIRECT - Web based file transfer and data sharing services file transfer for file transfer large files. Built for businesses and organizations file transfer that send file transfer and receive large files regularly from file transfer multiple contacts such file transfer as clients and contractors.
  • MessageWay Solutions - Provides messaging and data translation solutions that enable file transfer secure, scalable straight-through-processing between key trading partners and file transfer internal applications.
  • Coviant Software - Secure file transfer management products built on open networking technologies.
  • magicVORTEX - File transfer service that enables sending of large file transfer files software to anyone on the Internet.
  • TBT400 - Multi-protocol file transfer software for AS/400.
  • Core Technology Corporation - Core Technology is an international leader in providing host-to-desktop software solutions. We specialize in Internet connectivity software for IBM and Unisys hosts, including CTCBridge emulation for Java. We also offer file transfer solutions.
  • X400 - A secure X25 or TCP/IP file transfer protocol.
  • OpalisRendezVous - File/data distribution tool automates data distribution tasks such as replicating, networking mirroring and transferring files and data. It improves data integrity networking and availability with FTP, Copy and RDV file transfer options.
  • Fatfile - The service enables sending and receiving of large networking files files via the Internet from customers networking and partners, without the hassle of FTP or networking the limitations of e-mail.
  • B-Hub - B-Hub is a managed file transfer platform that enables secure, networking clientless file exchange between an organization\\'s internal users, external users, networking and business partners.
  • Tantia Technologies - High speed file transfer software for IBM Mainframe OS/390 environment.

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