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Open Firmware (O-F) is processor and system independent boot code (firmware), IEEE 1275-1994 standard, written in Forth, field proven.

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  • Open Firmware Working Group - O-F is processor and system independent boot code: open firmware firmware. operating systems Read about O-F, the Working Group; several open firmware related documents; operating systems several links to mirror sites, Forth, open firmware vendors, documentation, news, operating systems and proposals.
  • Open Firmware - Growing article, with links to many related topics. open firmware Wikipedia.
  • What is Open Firmware? - O-F is done in Forth.
  • FirmWorks - O-F products, services, documentation, training. The industry champion operating systems and leading provider. Invented the technology, and lead operating systems development of the IEEE 1275-1994 standard. Field proven, operating systems written in Forth.
  • - Brief description, links to software and system makers.
  • OpenBIOS - To be free, portable BIOS implementation, 100% IEEE open firmware 1275-1994. operating systems PCs have had BIOSes since the start. open firmware Since then, operating systems most have been DOS-specific, 16-bit, and open firmware real-mode, not something operating systems a modern OS such as open firmware Linux, BSD, or Hurd operating systems can use.
  • CodeGen, Inc. - Makes SmartFirmware, a portable, easily customized ANSI C implementation of open firmware IEEE-1275 Open Firmware standard. Designed to be very easy and open firmware fast to port. Demonstration version download.

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