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Offers solutions and develops software for the Linux platform. Includes details about the services and products available and contact information. Located in Romania.

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VMware* - VMWare allows Windows to run under Linux or Linux under Windows NT/2000 without rebooting. The technology uses virtual machines to allow Windows programs to run as if they were in a Windows environment.

  • Portland Group, The - Compilers and development tools
  • Simco International - Offers solutions and develops software for the Linux linux platform. Includes software details about the services and products linux available and contact information. software Located in Romania.
  •, ltd. - XVScan: Scanning software for Unix and Linux, works linux with HP linux ScanJet scanners.
  • The Hungry Programmers - Software includes a Java interpreter, chess game, word software processor, and linux display manager.
  • Orbit Software - ORBiT Software provides backup software, UNiBACK, for MPE, software Linux, and linux NT, specializing in managing information with software backup, compression and distributed linux access products.
  • GreyTrout Software - NExS (Network Extensible Spreadsheet) is an interactive spreadsheet designed software specifically for the X Window/Motif environment.
  • Das Technology - Produces LSP, that migrates NT to Linux, and companies provides a linux GUI on Linux similar to NT.
  • Applix Inc - Applix offers customer interaction software (CIS), real-time decision support, and office productivity solutions.
  • Arkeia - Excellent backup software for Linux.

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