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An alternative repository of custom-built packages for some of the latest popular software, many of which are not included in the main Fedora repositories.

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Fedora Project* - A Linux based operating system. Download, documentation, FAQ, and wiki. Official site.

  • RPM packages for Fedora - Offers several RPM packages for Fedora, usually not linux available in fedora the official repository.
  • Clemson Linux Initiative - A collection of articles for members of the Clemson community linux running Fedora Core Linux on Clemson recommended laptops.
  • Fedora Statistics - A variety of statistics about Fedora\\'s usage. Including distributions yum connections and smolt registrations.
  • DistroWatch.com: Fedora Project - Pointers to Fedora resources and reviews; and a distributions detailed feature distributions list of each version.
  • Wikipedia: Fedora - History of released versions and the relation with distributions Red Hat.
  • Amahi - A Fedora-based home server for home and home distributions office environments. fedora Provides features like calendaring, a wiki, distributions shared network storage, network fedora backups, a printer server distributions and remote access.
  • Boston University Linux - A derivative of Fedora and CentOs specifically tailored to Boston fedora University.
  • rpm.livna.org - A repository of add-on packages for Fedora. Contains distributions packages not fedora available from the standard repositories.
  • FedoraForum.org - A community support forum for Fedora.
  • The fedora-list Archives - Browse or download postings of the fedora-list mailing distributions list.
  • Dries RPM Repository - An alternative repository of RPM packages.
  • Open Source Fedora - The blog of Fedora project ambassador Chitlesh Goorah. fedora News and fedora background information about the project.
  • ATrpms - A third party rpm repository. Includes packages which distributions are not distributions included in the official Fedora repositories.
  • Fedora Solved - Created by Fedora community peers to bring quality fedora how-to solutions.
  • Fedora People - A site where Fedora contributors can upload files fedora for sharing distributions out with the world.
  • Fresh RPMS - An alternative repository of custom-built packages for some fedora of the fedora latest popular software, many of which fedora are not included in fedora the main Fedora repositories.
  • DAG - An alternative repository with RPM packages for Red distributions Hat, RHEL, linux CentOS and Fedora.
  • The Unofficial Fedora FAQ - Explains how to play MP3s, play DVDs, install fedora Flash, see distributions PDFs and other useful tips for fedora Fedora users.

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