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Sites containing information on the various releases of Slackware Linux are within this sub-category.

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Editor's Picks:

The Slackware Linux Project* - The original Linux distribution, geared towards power and stability. FAQ, support, news, mailing lists, downloads, and links.

  • The Slaktool Project - Improved Slackware package management system.
  • LinuxPackages - Offers collection of packages, Howto\\'s, user discussion forums, linux and rating slackware system.
  • Malaysia Slackware Group - Offers help and advice written in English, distributions and provides linux people around the globe with information distributions on Slackware.
  • slackFTP - A bootdisk that allows an install of Slackware distributions to occur linux from an FTP site, using FTPFS, distributions rather than from local linux media.
  • Autopkg - Tool to help automate Slackware package creation. Can distributions be used linux to easily create a package from distributions a program's source.
  • Slackware Help Forum - Help and discussion forum.
  • Slax Linux Live CD - Based on Slackware distribution. Documentation and user forum.

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