DVD x Hardware Support Linu Operating Systems

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  • VideoLAN - An open source project of students from the École Centrale linux de Paris which aimed to broadcast video on the campus. linux It now supports streams from a satellite, a DVD, an linux MPEG2 compression card and the Xvid video format amongst others.
  • Linux Digital Fansubbing Guide - Linux Digital Fansubbing Guide
  • DeCSS for Linux and DVD - Software, information and legalese.
  • Ogle DVD Player - Gives users to all options of DVDs such as menu linux navigation or crop and zoom under GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD linux and Solaris.
  • Linux Media - Instructions and scripts allowing ripping DVDs to Divx with mencoder linux (mplayer).
  • DeCSS source code - Text of the source code to DeCSS, a hardware support program dvd allowing Linux users to play DVDs; DeCSS hardware support links.

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