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A daemon for Linux (and possibly other Unix-like systems) which monitors the scanner's buttons and runs a shell script whenever one of these buttons has been pressed.

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  • Sane HP4400C/HP4470C drivers - Sane HP4400C/HP4470C Linux driver development.
  • GQKat (GoRN'z CueCat Reader & Decoder) - GQKat uses CueCat, a free barcode reader from linux Radio Shack hardware support and DigitalConvergence. With GQKat and the linux Cue Cat you can hardware support scan barcodes and look linux up there URLs under Linux.
  • USB Scanners under Linux - Lists of which scanners are known to work scanners with Linux. scanners Also which venders are working with scanners developers.
  • Parallel Port Scanners under Linux - Information of SANE and driver support for parallel port Scanners hardware support under Linux.
  • SANE EPSON Backend - Drivers instructions and FAQs for using the SANE hardware support Backend hardware support with EPSON scanners.
  • SANE backend for UMAX Astra 1220P / HP 3200C - Information about a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) backend for hardware support the UMAX Astra 1220P parallel port flatbed scanner. It hardware support also applies to the HP3200C scanjet, Astra 2000P and 1600P.
  • Scanner Button Daemon (scanbuttond) - A daemon for Linux (and possibly other Unix-like hardware support systems) linux which monitors the scanner\\'s buttons and runs hardware support a shell linux script whenever one of these buttons hardware support has been pressed.
  • Scanners with Linux - Using scanners with Linux. San and XSane installation and configuration.
  • SANE homepage - SANE stands for "Scanner Access Now Easy" and scanners is an scanners application programming interface (API) that provides scanners standardized access to any scanners raster image scanner hardware scanners (flatbed scanner, hand-held scanner, video- and scanners still-cameras, and scanners frame-grabbers)
  • Jan Willamowius: Genius GS-4500 Scanner - Device driver and hardware information for Genius GS-45000 scanners scanner.
  • Special Linux device drivers - Linux device drivers for Lifetec 9415 TV card scanners and Genius hardware support GS-4500 hand scanner.

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