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This category is for software that works with UPS units under Linux.

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  • UPS, Automatic Shutdown and Linux - Using UPS with Linux: case history, how-to, several links.
  • NUT: Network UPS Tools - Support page of project to monitor all UPS hardware support types linux with enough interest. UPS drivers in package hardware support convert status linux data from native hardware format to hardware support common scheme, let linux you manage many UPSs from hardware support varied makers with small linux set of programs.
  • Inpowerd - An inetd server program useful when more than ups one machine is connected to the same UPS, ups but only one of them communicates with the ups UPS directly. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Apcupsd - UPS power management under Linux for APCC Products, including models BackUPS, BackUPS Pro, SmartUPS V/S, SmartUPS(NET/RM).
  • APC Software Downloads - Free Linux versions of APC UPS management software. At least linux 4 distributions supported: Caldera, Red Hat, SuSE, Turbolinux.
  • bpowerd - Program to monitor Best Power Patriot and Patriot Plus UPSs under Linux. Uses init to inform system of power outage, is able to detect power fail and low battery conditions, and to kill inverter on shutdown.
  • Power Daemon (powerd) - A daemon which can monitor a UPS and safely shutdown ups the computer when the power goes out.

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