Video x Hardware Support Linu Operating Systems

This is a substantial rewrite of the bttv driver for Linux. It aims to support high performance video capture on Bt848/878 based video capture cards.

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See Also:
  • BTTV-V4L2 - This is a substantial rewrite of the bttv video driver for Linux. It aims to support high video performance video capture on video video Bt848/878 based video capture cards.
  • PVR Hardware Database - Database of hardware used to create Personal Video Recorders ( video PVR's ) ala Tivo.
  • Linux Media Labs LLC - Motion video capture/compression/playbackPCI board LML33 for Linux. On-line order.
  • Linux Kernel Framebuffer Driver for the Intel 810/815 - This is an Open Source/Sourceforge Project Site for linux developing a hardware support GNU/Linux framebuffer driver for the Intel linux 810 and 815 chipsets.
  • TiVo Techies - Technical discussion forum on TiVo hardware, hacks and video mods.
  • How to do CU-SeeMe under Linux - How to do CU-SeeMe under Linux.
  • Linux - Developmental information for Linux open source software for video digital TV, DVB, receivers, Linux DVD players, and video streaming video.
  • MPlayer - A movie player for Linux. Supports reading from linux network, dvd, vcd, file, pipes, and v4l.
  • TiVo_Canada - Email list for Canadian TiVo users for tips, troubleshooting and hacks.
  • PVR Web - PVR programs allow a computer to become a multimedia device video for recording tv programs. Installation guides and areas for VDR, video MYTHTV and other PVR programs.
  • fftv : tv/radio viewer/recorder - fftv is a TV viewer for use with TV cards and Video for Linux. It also features a radio user interface. It can support recording of various formats and codecs including MPEG, AVI. It supports remote control and scheduled power-on/off recording/reminding.
  • Video Disk Recorder - With the availability of high capacity hard disks hardware support and MPEG encoders/decoders the idea of a fully hardware support digital video recorder comes to mind. This hardware support project describes how to build your own digital hardware support satellite receiver and video disk recorder.
  • VIDIX (VIDeo Interface for *niX) - A portable interface which was designed and introduced linux as interface video to userspace drivers to provide DGA linux everywhere where it's possible.
  • TiVo Enhancement Development - Sourceforge site for hacking TiVo.
  • GATOS page - Linux driver(s) and software for using the TV-Tuning linux and Video linux capturing capabilities of an ATI graphics linux card.
  • MJPEG Tools - Homepage for MJPEG support under Linux.
  • TV-Out for NVidia cards - This is a tool to enable TV-Out on linux Linux for linux NVidia cards.

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