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This category contains information about PPP and SLIP protocols on Linux.

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  • How to Hook-Up PPP - Document covers configuration and use of PPP in ppp and slip linux Linux. Current with the 2.4.x kernel tree.
  • X-ISP - X-ISP is a visual, X11/XForms based, user-friendly interface ppp and slip to pppd/chat (i.e. an X11 dial-up networking tool).
  • Eznet - Software that simplifies PPP setup for Linux.
  • gpppkill Home Page - GTK+ PPP tool that kills a connection if ppp and slip ppp and slip a minimal amount of bytes are not received ppp and slip ppp and slip during certain time.
  • PPPGun-Dialer - PPPGun-Dialer is a Tcl/Tk script that can be used to etablish a PPP connection by dialing a remote terminal server. It is based on PPP-on/PPP-off scripts, but it is more flexible than those scripts, allowing a more intelligent dialog with the modem.

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