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Everything that relates to running Linux on alternative desktop computers / PDA's belongs in here. Most important member is Linux on PowerPC.

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See Also:
  • VMELinux - Project to help integrators use Linux in VMEbus embedded Universe linux systems: drivers and programs to run Linux providing full access linux to VME environment.
  • Calcaria Linux7k - Project to port Linux to a small group operating systems of palmtops. Includes PSION PDAs.
  • Xbox Linux Project - Aim: provide GNU/Linux version for Xbox so it platforms can be used as a normal computer. Linux platforms should make use of all Xbox hardware and platforms allow installing, running software from standard i386 Linux platforms distributions. [Open Source]
  • Linux/a386 - Port to a386, an i386 CPU simulator.
  • Linux/SGI - Porting Linux and Red Hat 5 to the SGI Indy machines. FAQs and general information.
  • TurboTortoise - Linux-based, battery powered, 386 CPU, cigar box sized platforms computer, head mounted display, may enter low volume platforms production.
  • PA-RISC Linux Development Project - A port of Linux to HP's PA-RISC architecture.

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