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  • The Diald Home Page - The name Diald is an abbreviation of Dial Daemon. Diald\\'s networking only task in life is to make it transparently appear networking that you have a 24 hour a day connection to networking the Internet over a SLIP or PPP link.
  • SLIP/PPP Emulator HOWTO - This document will describe how to get your networking Linux box ppp to connect to a generic site networking via a SLIP/PPP ppp emulator, such as SLiRP networking or TIA.
  • Linux PPP HOWTO - Linux PPP HOWTO at Linux DOC.
  • Connecting to AT&T Worldnet via ppp - Connecting to AT&T Worldnet via ppp with Debian ppp Linux.
  • How to Hook up PPP in Linux - ISPs differ in their PPP authentication methods, and ppp few of projects them even understand what technique they ppp actually use. This projects document may allow you ppp to set up without their help. projects It ppp also discusses general information you\\'ll need to understand projects ppp about PPP in Lin
  • Linux setup scripts for access to Algonet - Scripts that give examples on how to connect Linux to an ISP.
  • X-ISP - XForms-based interface for pppd/chat. Features: supports multiple dial-up accounts, PAP/CHAP login, easy configuration of many other PPP options.

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