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Superficie (surface) is a small program that allows to visualize 3D surfaces, and to have certain interaction with them. It allows to rotate, to move away, and to show illumination, on the surface at issue.

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  • Yacas - Yacas (Yet Another Computer Algebra System) is a mathematics small and mathematics highly flexible computer mathematics algebra language. The syntax mathematics is handled by a mathematics infix-operator grammar parser. mathematics The distribution mathematics contains a small library of mathematical functions, but mathematics mathematics its real stre
  • Superficie - Superficie (surface) is a small program that allows scientific to visualize projects 3D surfaces, and to have scientific certain interaction with them. projects It allows to rotate, scientific to move away, and to show projects illumination, on scientific the surface at issue.
  • Dr Geo 0.8.3 - Dr Geo is an interactive geometry program. It scientific allows the projects scientific projects scientific projects scientific construction of interactive geometric figures. It\\'s oriented towards projects scientific scientific projects scientific projects education.
  • Interactive mathematics - WIMS (WWW Interactive Mathematics Server) is a CGI Web application designed to host interactive mathematical educational activities such as exercises, computational math, and graphing tools.
  • The ROOT System - ROOT - An Object Oriented Framework For Large Scale Data projects Analysis.

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