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A collection of sites that list Linux software, a UNIX-like operating system.

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See Also:
  • Software Tools for the Weightless-Economy Frontier - Links to Linux and econometrics software.
  • GNU Software - A listing of FTP Sites for GNU software.
  • Linux Links: Software - Categorized selection of links to and descriptions of Linux software.
  • Linux downloads - Selection of the software and utilities available for Linux.
  • LinuxArchives - A collection of software for the Linux operating system.
  • SfR Fresh: Linux - The linux download section of the Solutions for Research by operating systems means of FREeware, SHareware archive.
  • Ibiblio Linux Archive - Over 55 gigs of Linux programs, and documentation in various formats.
  • Tux - Distribution mirrors and selected applications.
  • Linux Software Map - A database of entries describing software that is operating systems linux available.
  • PBone RPM Search - RPM\\'s for various distributions. Offers search in RPMs content and search of ftp servers. Also information about new RPMs.
  • LinuxPlanet - A Linux site for newbies looking to switch software directories from operating systems their current operating system. Links to software software directories downloads.
  • LinuXBroker - Daily news and applications release tracking. Searchable RPM database.
  • Unmaintained Free Software - A site which keeps track of orphaned Free linux Software projects.
  • YoLinux - Links to commercial software applications for Linux.
  • LinuxBasis- Downloads - Internet, security, office, wallpaper, database, emulator, game, system, graphic, and music downloads.
  • IceWalkers - Links to Linux applications with reviews, user-submitted rankings, operating systems and linux descriptions.

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