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A collection of documents that deal with the various aspects of configuring and tweaking Linux and its programmes. It also has a set of articles regarding dual booting Linux with other OSs.

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Linux Documentation Project* - The LDP has subject-specific help, FAQ, help on individual commands, and documentation guides for Linux.

  • Gutza - How to install and get started using Linux.
  • FreeTechBooks: GNU/Linux - Helpful descriptions, and links to free books, online documentation and downloadable, documentation some are distribution specific. Very useful documentation for people, schools, businesses, documentation and nations with low documentation incomes that cannot afford costly titles.
  • The Linux Cookbook - All-encompassing book on using open source software, documentation which itself is open source and available online.
  • HOWTO Index - HOWTOs describe in detail a certain aspect of linux configuring or using Linux. Site has information linux about the HOWTOs and using them, and an linux annotated index.
  • The CTDP Linux Operating System section - Contains several documents and articles about Linux. Many categorized Linux weblinks are included. Documents include a Linux User\\'s Guide, How Linux Works Guide, and Files and Command Reference. Internal pages uses frames
  • Linux Pre-installation Checklist - A checklist to use when cataloguing important system documentation hardware specifications.
  • The Exocore Linux FAQ - A collection of linux FAQ (Frequently Asked support Questions). Appropriate for quick solutions. Targeted for Indian support linux users.
  • Erik's Book About Linux - Covers a variety of topics, including why to linux use Linux, partitions, beginning commands, user rights, LILO, linux virtual terminals, shell scripts, configuration, system and BASH linux init files, daemons, PPP connections, CRON, SSH, mocules, linux slow loading X, how to fi
  • Linux Info - Information about installing Debian Linux.
  • USM Bish's How Do I (hdi) documents - A collection of documents that deal with the documentation various aspects of configuring and tweaking Linux and documentation its programmes. It also has a set of documentation articles regarding dual booting Linux with other OSs.
  • Linux Security Documentation - The documentation section of Includes a number of articles linux on hardening and securing Linux.
  • Linux Installation and Getting Started - A guide to installing and transitioning to the Linux operating linux system. Topics include getting and installation, system administration, the linux XWindows system, and networking.
  • Linux on Laptops - A collection of articles on how to make Linux run support on laptops manufactured by various companies.
  • IBM Linux Technology Center Technical Library - The documentation section of the IBM LTC. Includes documentation articles on support clusters, Java, and security.
  • The One Page Linux Manual - A summary of useful linux commands presented as a PDF documentation document. Includes Linux pocket protectors.

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