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Tux is the Linux mascot, a penguin with media appeal. This category is for web sites featuring the well dressed bird.

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See Also:
  • Linux Penguin (Tux) Picture Gallery - Hundreds of images of the debonaire mascot, including tux backgrounds and animations.
  • Penguin Art - A collection of penguin art portraits.
  • Kysoh S.A. - Makes, sells Tux Droid wireless programmable robot for linux Linux. Links to PC, can flap wings, dance linux around, talk, blink eyes, act when e-mail received, linux be guard to scare off intruders, wake-up clock, linux play news and music, PC remote control, start linux multimedia p
  • The LWN Penguin Gallery - Edited Tux images created by many people.
  • Linux 2.0 Logo - Linus Torvalds' description of the Linux 2 logo.
  • Andreas' Linux Logo Page - Find images with Tux, including platform-specific logos such linux as PPC, linux Alpha, and SMP.
  • Tux Is Cool - For Tux fans: image galleries, wallpapers, videos, forums.
  • More Penguins - Penguins by Larry Ewing and others.
  • Linux 2.0 Penguins - The classic Tux pics, by Larry Ewing, the linux creator of Tux.
  • The Penguin Dance - Many animated penguins, several different types, grouped in varied layouts, linux with some music, tux links.
  • Linux Penguins on the web - A collection of links to Tux sites.
  • Gigaperls: Linux Graphics - Find many penguin images in different colors, created tux by Urs Streidl.
  • Tux's Adventures - Follow Tux and friends through a wild night at the Beowulf Cluster, and then bowling a game.
  • Yaron Zarfati's Linux Penguin as favicon.ico - Use Tux as your websites icon in browsers that support favicon.
  • The smallest linux penguin - Tux on a microchip but 130 microns in linux size.
  • Penguin Logos - Varied renderings and mutations of \\'official\\' Linux 2.0 linux penguin; some operating systems are original to this site; formats: linux ASCII line art, GIF, operating systems JPEG, PBM, PostScript, TAR.GZ.
  • Tux Gallery - A picture gallery dedicated to the Linux mascot.
  • Linux Logos and Mascots - The official Linux penguin and assorted logos and tux alternate mascots.

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