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Linux User Groups (LUGs) located at the intersection of the continents of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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  • Iraqi Linux User Group - The Iraqi Linux Group Portal. The site contains linux forums, a linux mailing list, links, and other information.
  • Linux User Group United Arab Emirates - UAE, Middle East. Good source for Linux related user groups resources linux in the Mid-East. Host: GoldenSun Internet Consulting user groups and Research.
  • Egyptian GNU/Linux User Group - EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community. Site middle east contains events information, articles and a wiki.
  • Cairo University Linux User Group (cuLUG) - Linux User Group for Cairo University. Site contains middle east news and meetings information.
  • Tel Aviv Linux Club - A Linux Club for Tel Aviv and Vicinity. middle east Mailing list, meetings\' information and material from the middle east presentations.
  • Haifa Linux Club - Home for Linux users and programmers in the middle east Haifa area, organized by people who are participants middle east in the Israeli Group of Linux Users: IGLU.

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