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This category covers the emulators that runs on the Macintosh platform.

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See Also:
  • MacWise - Commercial Macintosh terminal emulation software for Wyse 50,60,360, operating systems Viewpoint, emulators DEC, Televideo, and Esprit.
  • Richard Bannister's Macintosh Emulation Software - Lots of emulators of computers and console systems that run operating systems on the Macintosh.
  • Mac Emu - Allow Macintosh computers to run old games and applications. emulators Includes message boards, chat, benchmarks, and tools.
  • MacWindows - Solutions for integrating Macintosh and Windows.
  • Bernie ][ the Rescue - An Apple IIgs emulator by F.E. Systems Emulation operating systems Technologies. mac os Runs on PowerMacs only.
  • NoSTalgia & PowerST - Two AtariST emulators by GĂ©rin Philippe for the Macintosh. Requires mac os Mac OS 8, 9, or OS X.

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