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If you're trying to use the printer on a Mac from a PC or Unix/Linux box on the network, the solution you need may be here.

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See Also:
  • XTen - Connect to Unix workstations, run X Windows programs from the mac os desktop.
  • iStumbler - A free, open source tool for finding wireless network networks network network and devices with an AirPort or Bluetooth network equipped Macintosh.
  • Thursby Software Systems, Inc. - Creator of products which allow Macs, Windows PCs, and UNIX operating systems machines to integrate with other platforms and networking standards. Product operating systems information, pricing lists, and evaluation details.
  • GroupLogic - Commercial software products, specializing on Macintosh and Windows NT platforms, operating systems for high-speed telecommunications and networking workflow for the graphic operating systems arts industry.
  • Unibrain - Gives full ethernet compatible networking through FireNet and Fire-i software mac os packages.
  • InterMapper - IP and AppleTalk monitoring tool that uses SNMP mac os to operating systems watch the hosts, routers and switches on mac os the network, operating systems including e-mail or pager notification.
  • AppleTalk Protocol - An in-depth description of the AppleTalk protocol. Intended for those providing network support to Macs operating in a non-Mac environment (IP, and IPX) Offers articles, guidelines, and links.
  • Nettlesting - Net Tool Box - A multi-purpose networking utility for Mac OS X. mac os operating systems It is aimed at networking professionals, developers mac os and administrators. operating systems Shareware.
  • Fog City Software - LetterRip
  • Equinux: APC Tracker - Powers off a Macintosh client computer connected to a APC Network Management Card or an APCUPSd server regularly once power is interrupted.
  • Aelius Productions - Developers of web site solutions and a variety of software network titles for the Macintosh.
  • Mac OS X Unwired - The supporting web site for Tom Negrino and Dori Smith\\'s book: Mac OS X Unwired. News about AirPort Wireless, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the book.
  • MacStumbler - Mac OS X tool for information and locating wireless networks.
  • ShareWay IP Gateway - Macintosh file sharing using Internet protocols. Lets mac os any mac os AFP-compatible server, including the Mac\\'s built-in mac os personal file mac os sharing, provide AppleShare file service mac os using Internet protocols.
  • KisMAC - A wireless stumbler for MacOS X.
  • Ettercap - Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN ported to Mac mac os OS operating systems X.
  • Nexus 9 - AirStumbler - A wireless network discovery tool for Macintosh.
  • Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus - A simple software-based TCP/IP router for connecting Local and/or Wide Area Networks. Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus can also act as a Remote Access Server and allows you to host multiple virtual web sites on one machine.
  • BIAP Systems, Inc. - Internet related software for Mac Web servers including operating systems operating systems Chat, performance enhancements and measuring tools, scripting operating systems extensions, operating systems and TCP/IP programming.
  • Printer Sharing from MacOSX - If you\\'re trying to use the printer on a Mac mac os from a PC or Unix/Linux box on the network, the mac os solution you need may be here.
  • AlkSoft - ClassicStumbler - Scans for and displays network detailed network information about all the wireless network access points in range.
  • MacPing - IP and AppleTalk network testing tool.
  • Netatalk - A package that lets a Unix machine supply network Appletalk print and file services on a LAN. network The package supports AppleShare IP and classic Appletalk network protocols.
  • Citrix ICA Client - Allows local and remote Macintosh users to access network any Windows-based network application running on the server.
  • SAMBA Web Pages - SMB-based file and printer sharing for UNIX - mac os expect this for MacOS-X.

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