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An easy-to-use high performance mailing list server for Macintosh by Fog City Software. With it one can set up email discussion groups, send email announcements to multiple users, and manage moderated discussions.

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See Also:
  • Nisus Writer - A light and efficient alternative word processor by organization and productivity Nisus Software Inc.
  • From Concentrate Software - Strives to make useful, usable software to fulfill operating systems the operating systems needs of common Mac users. operating systems Some operating systems products run only on Tiger.
  • ThinkFree Office - Suite of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics applications. [Mac operating systems OS X, Mac Classic, and Windows]
  • PhoneValet - Personal telephone assistant including call logging, announcement, AppleScripts, operating systems and operating systems voice dialing.
  • AquaMinds NoteTaker - Personal productivity and organizational software for OS X organization and productivity users. Includes downloads, support, and company overview.
  • TextSpresso - Text-processing utility that uses filters to make text operating systems pulled from e-mails, websites, and other applications.
  • Zelig - Makers of productivity software and utilities. Such items mac os include operating systems Address Pad which helps you manage addresses, mac os phone numbers, operating systems email and homepage URLs of your mac os friends without resorting operating systems to more complex (and cluttered) mac os applications, and Internet Launcher, operating systems a
  • Gramotki - A powerful replacement for Apple's Note Pad application.
  • Corel Corporation - Makers of home and office productivity software for organization and productivity word processing, drawing, photo manipulation, and clipart collections.
  • LetterRip Pro - An easy-to-use high performance mailing list server for Macintosh by Fog City Software. With it one can set up email discussion groups, send email announcements to multiple users, and manage moderated discussions.
  • iCalShare - Directory of shareable calendars on the web (with operating systems over operating systems 1500 calendars in more than 35 different operating systems categories) for operating systems use with Apple\'s iCal program or operating systems Mozilla Calendar.
  • Bookpedia - Book cataloging software for Mac OS X.
  • Delicious Library - Macintosh software to catalog, browse, and share books, mac os movies, operating systems music, and video games.
  • Intuit Inc. - Makers of financial utilities such as Quicken for organization and productivity organization and productivity Macintosh. Intuit also makes MacinTax, a tax preparation organization and productivity organization and productivity program.
  • Finance - A personal checking, savings, and credit card account management program operating systems featuring quick and easy setup, pop-up menus and FileLink to operating systems speed data entry, automatic calculations, account overviews, account searches with operating systems built in context-aware help.
  • AppleWorks - A productivity suite by Apple Computer Inc. Provides operating systems powerful word processing, graphics and illustration, spreadsheet, charting/graphing, operating systems presentations and database capabilities as well as the operating systems ability to save your work in HTML for operating systems publishing it on the web
  • Books for MacOS X - An open-source personal library management tool.
  • Online Bible Macintosh Home Page - Free downloads and information about this freeware Bible program.
  • Chronos - Developers of personal and group organizer software packages.
  • Mariner Calc - A multi-layer spreadsheet with 150+ functions, and color operating systems charts. Download, screenshots, and manual available.
  • Mariner Write - Streamlined word processor for the Macintosh that can organization and productivity organization and productivity run on only 2MB of RAM.
  • Reunion Planner - The ultimate solution for planning high-school, college, military, company or operating systems family reunions. Made by Minutiae Software.
  • Cool Address Book - An address book program by Image Works Plus. It prints envelopes, phone lists, address lists, and can export information to a HTML web site. It features multiple indexes, pages of notes with each record, auto dialing, and auto formatting.
  • OmniGraffle - Diagramming and charting software for OS X.
  • Deep Prose Software - Booxter - Book collection manager for Mac OS X.
  • OmniOutliner - Very customizable to-do list creater and manager.
  • Winebook - Wine cellar management and tasting notes software for mac os wine enthusiasts. Available for Macintosh and Windows.
  • Llama Graphics - Life Balance Desktop Edition for Macintosh - Provides a dynamically ordered To Do List driven operating systems by the importance of one\\'s goals, operating systems desired allocation of time and effort, and feedback operating systems from what gets done each day.
  • Pixelglow - The Macintosh port of the automated graph layout mac os software.
  • Apple - iCal - Create and share calendars for use with either mac os iCal or Mozilla Calendar.

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