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A file synchronization utility by Iomega Corporation that keeps a copy of your hard drive on Zip or Jaz disks.

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See Also:
  • Qdea - Makers of Synchronize! and Synchronize! Pro. Both offer file synchronization and backup capabilities for multiple Macs. The Pro version also handles file server mirroring.
  • Dobry Backuper - Mac backup software that creates full, versioned, and incremental backups. mac os It creates tar-compatible backup archives and includes scheduling tools, on-the-fly mac os compression, and backup to any locally mounted device, including CD/DVD mac os and network volumes. [OS
  • Mac Backups - Backup software enabling offsite storage of data. utilities Download a free 30-day trial.
  • - Backing Up Your Mac - An overview of several Mac backup solutions.
  • Shirt Pocket - Maker of SuperDuper!, a disk duplication utility for Mac OS mac os X. SuperDuper! is designed to make it easy for users mac os to isolate their computers from unwanted system changes. [OS mac os 10.2.8 or newer]
  • Tri-Backup - A backup program by Tri-Edre that can perform utilities mirror or utilities incremental backups as well as synchronization.
  • Quik Sync - A file synchronization utility by Iomega Corporation that mac os keeps utilities a copy of your hard drive on mac os Zip or utilities Jaz disks.
  • Retrospect - A backup program by Dantz Development for a backup single Macintosh or an entire network of Macs backup and Windows 9x/NT PCs.
  • BackJack - A Macintosh based, fully automated, secure data backup utilities and recovery service done via the Internet.

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