Software VMS Midrange Operating Systems

Application and third party software for the VMS operating system.

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  • GNU's Not VMS - GNU\\'s Not VMS is a project to port vms available GNU software software to the VMS operating system.
  • Region 6 HTTP Server - The World Wide Web server (HTTP server) running vms on the vms Region 6 VMSCluster is a DECthreads vms application written at Ohio vms State.
  • COMTEK - SNMP Agents for VMS - Monitor and Manage OpenVMS systems from any SNMP software Manager.
  • Process Software - IP management and online service software.
  • MadGoat Software - VMS freeware utlities.
  • Ruslan R. Laishev's Personal Projects - A software collection for the OpenVMS operating system.
  • Down To Earth - Business software for use with the VMS operating system.
  • GrayMatter Software Corporation - High-quality software products and services. Products includes ScriptServer vms Printing System, vms and the XENTIS Information System.
  • Saiga Systems - Product descriptions, technical support, sales information, and various other VMS links around the world.
  • WASD OpenVMS HTTP Services Package - Demonstration site for the WASD OpenVMS Hypertext Services software Package. An vms HTTP server, with CGI scripts, Secure software Sockets Layer capability, on-line vms administration. Empowered by OpenVMS software .
  • OpenVMS Pine - OpenVMS port of the Pine email package for software OpenVMS. Maintained vms by the Pantomime project.
  • JAMS: Job Access and Management System - A commercial job scheduling software package by MVP Systems.
  • OpenVMS ports of Freeware Software - A list of freeware software for OpenVMS. The list includes midrange links to sites to obtain additional patches and other software midrange prerequisites to build the freeware on OpenVMS.
  • Pine for VMS - VMS port of the Pine email client.
  • OpenVMS Freeware - Directory of freely available software for OpenVMS.
  • Point Secure - VMS intrusion detection systems.
  • Boston Business Computing - Software tools and services to assist in migrating from OpenVMS software to Microsoft Windows or UNIX operating systems.
  • Neil Rieck's compilation of OpenVMS material - A list of links to OpenVMS information. midrange Includes an list of example programs midrange in the "Programmer's Corner".

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