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  • PC Yarn offline mail and news reader - A suite of programs used to store and mail and newsgroup mail and newsgroup readers readers read USENET news and mail downloaded from a mail and mail and newsgroup readers newsgroup readers USENET host. It uses character mode and supports mail mail and newsgroup readers and newsgroup readers MS-DOS, OS/2 and Win32.
  • Post Road Mailer - A free full-featured, multi-threaded, drag-and-drop capable Presentation Manager program for internet email with OS/2 Warp. Java base J Street Mailer also available here.
  • SLRN - SLRN is a text mode newsreader that works software both online os-2 and offline, and supports scoring.
  • MR/2 ICE Home Page - MR/2 ICE is a full-featured E-Mail client for OS/2 PM. software Easy enough for the novice, yet more-than-enough software advanced options to keep any power-user happy.
  • WebMail/2 - It is a web email interface system mail and newsgroup readers for your existing POP3/SMTP implementation.
  • Pine - Port of the well known mail and news os-2 reader.
  • PMMail 2000 - E-mail client for OS/2 and Windows that features software support for multiple accounts and folders. Email software accounts are presented in an \\'Explorer\\' type file software tree. Customizable filters and for security PMMail features software full stength PGP.

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