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Groups of Unix users that get together regularly to network, associate, help and teach each other, and learn to use Unix and associated programs more effectively.

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See Also:
  • TFUG - Tucson Free Unix Group
  • UK Unix User Group: UKUUG - Main UK group for all users of Unix, unix and other unix open computer operating systems.
  • Ottawa Carleton Unix Users Group: OCUUG - 2000 is the 15th anniversary of a Unix operating systems users user groups group in the Ottawa area. Has had operating systems varied names user groups over the years, but remains oldest operating systems non-vendor aligned Unix user groups group in the area. Special operating systems interest group sponsored by user groups Ottawa Centre for Research operating systems and Innovation: OCRI.
  • BUUG - Berkeley Unix User Group
  • KULUA - Kansas Unix and Linux Users Association
  • HUMBUG - Home Unix Machine Brisbane User Group

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