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DssW Power Manager is a professional suite of Macintosh automation and power management tools. Easy to use point and click interface. No need for complex programming or scripting languages.

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  • Clean-Install Assistant - A Utility for upgrading a System Folder to a new shareware version of Mac OS. Supports Mac OS 9.0.4
  • Batista Software - Provides shareware utilities for Mac designed to improve web surfing shareware experience by eliminating slow-loading banners, graphics and annoying pop-up windows.
  • MultiMode - Decode and transmit Morse code, RTTY/FAX/SSTV/PACKET/ACARS/PSK31/ALE, and other utilities modes on the Macintosh, without any extra hardware.
  • ObjectPlant for Macintosh - A tool for programmers to diagram their code shareware structures to make their applications easier to understand. shareware Notation used by the software is based on shareware the Object Modeling Technique.
  • VoJou Software - Offers tools for different purposes and an Notepad replacement with mac os download opportunity and support.
  • Rogue Amoeba - Developers of OS X audiostream ripping applications such shareware as Audio utilities Hijack and Audio Hijack Pro.
  • Inventive, Inc. - Maker of iClip, a multi clipboard/scrapbook utility for utilities Mac OS X and iScooper, an image autodownloader utilities and viewer which can import pictures from the utilities hard drive as well. Will only download utilities images that do not link to anything else.
  • MaBaSoft - PowerCalc (a multi-function RPN calculator), Quit CSM (a control strip module enabling you to quit applications without having to make them active) and World Clock CSM (a multi-time clock for the Control Strip).
  • Mireth Technology Corp. - Produces Windows and Macintosh software utilities, including MacVCD, utilities NetShred and ShredIt.
  • Haxies from Unsanity - Collection of hacks for Mac OS X to mac os customize the functions. WindowShade, FruitMenu, Xounds, Dock Detox, mac os and ShadowKiller.
  • Yellow Button - The Other Dock for OS X - Quickly access Mac OS X icons in one utilities intuitive place. utilities Run programs, access folders and documents utilities from a single window.
  • Hyperbolic Software - Company has produced Macintosh shareware utilities programs such mac os as utilities DoubletScan, FoldersChecker and EasyLife.
  • Smith Micro Software - Includes compression, graphic, utility and screensaver software.
  • Dragon Systems Software Limited - DssW Power Manager is a professional suite of Macintosh automation and power management tools. Easy to use point and click interface. No need for complex programming or scripting languages.
  • Webroot Software, Inc. - Offers security, privacy, and enhancement software designed for the home or office environment.
  • DateTree - Copy files into a set of folders named mac os by utilities date. Selective copying is possible, and several mac os date-based organizations utilities are offered. Full manual, and screen mac os shots.
  • Dokcha Software - Shareware and freeware with English and French versions mac os for mac os Macintosh. Soft to back-up (Save&Date), to rename mac os (dName-it), to mac os extract sounds (Sonotheque) and other utilities.
  • Warlord - The maker of Tresor, the secure file encryption utilities tool for utilities Macintosh.
  • Atomic Bird - Maker of Macaroni, a system maintenance utility for shareware OSX.
  • UnCoverIt - A label printing utility that automatically generates labels mac os for mac os CD-ROMs, Zip-Disk and SuperDisks.and EasyLife. Requirements: PowerPC, mac os MacOS 8.0 mac os or later.
  • Dockfun! - Tool to run an infinite number of OS utilities Xs Dock mac os configurations.
  • Mac OS X Shareware by Brian Hill - Shareware and freeware utilities to run on OSX shareware Server 1.x shareware and OSX.
  • WeatherManX - Download weather information from the National Weather Server shareware right to shareware your Macintosh.
  • Blue Globe Software - Offers users a variety of software utilities for the MacOS 8.1.
  • Suaveware - StatusMonitors for Mac OS X - Displays plug-in based status monitors on your desktop mac os or mac os in a window. Includes monitors for weather, mac os time, disk mac os space, network traffic, memory, and cpu mac os usage.

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