Small Business Business and Finance Windows Shareware

Program designed to save time and get your club organized. Database features include membership types, dues, the ability to track multiple clubs, and several others. Generate reports, including rosters, labels, dues. [Win 95/98/2000/NT]

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  • Windows on Real Estate - Multimedia listings and transactions modules. Powerful search engine. small business Reports: business and finance buyer, seller, publicity, trust account, expenses, invoicing, small business past and business and finance future revenue.
  • OfficeFiler - Shareware to manage everyday business documents in Microsoft small business Word. small business Product description, tour and download.
  • Small Business Tracker PIM - Personal information management system that tracks time, activities and expenses small business for any number of projects, and generates reports and invoices small business for printing or exporting with many other features. Data can small business be shared between any of these platforms. Windows,
  • Embird - Utility designed for the Embroidery Industry. Import design directly from small business Thred and Sfumato Stitch programs. Reads and writes designs stored small business on floppy or hard disks in various embroidery formats. [Win small business 95/98/Me]
  • CG Software - Agent\\'s Aide ia a complete software solution for windows the independent business and finance insurance agent to track customers, policies windows and commissions. [Win 95/98/2000/Me/MacOS business and finance 8]
  • Bent Tree Software - Mortgage and personal finance shareware. Ideal for financial windows planners and business and finance attorneys. [Windows 3.1/95/98]
  • Pharmacy Software - Full featured pharmacy management program, special features for business and finance the compounding pharmacist. Multi user, Y2K complient, requires business and finance Windows-98/NT. Trial version available to download.
  • MemberTies - Club Membership Software - Program designed to save time and get your small business club windows organized. Database features include membership types, dues, small business the ability windows to track multiple clubs, and several small business others. Generate reports, windows including rosters, labels, dues. [Win small business 95/98/2000/NT]
  • BarStock - Software designed especially for clubs and pubs to business and finance small business do a monthly stock-take without employing the services business and finance small business of a professional stock taker. Keep informed about business and finance small business the business by monitoring dead or slow-moving items, business and finance small business and also calculating the profit margins on e
  • NEMPEE Acoustics Software - Powerful software tool for Acoustics Engineers and Architects. business and finance small business Based on mathematical calculations, it determines the acoustical business and finance small business parameters of a room, such as the reverberation business and finance small business time. [Win 95/98/Me]
  • Club Membership Software - Program to provide club secretaries with a simple business and finance small business method of tracking their members. Store member details. business and finance small business Print lists, labels, and send emails to members.
  • Working Artist - A database system designed to help artists manage business and finance the business side of art. It catalogs artwork, business and finance manages patron contacts, creates art consignment memos and business and finance invoices, tracks show entries and projects, creates mail business and finance lists, art price lists, and show and slide
  • SuperCool Office Assistant - Manages customer\\'s information, create and print reports such windows as envelopes, small business labels, notes, and document and business windows card. It can also small business design and print reports windows for other databases.
  • Business Plan Shareware - Range of freeware and shareware business financial planners windows for Excel windows to make financial forecasts, business planning, windows appraisals and financial modeling. windows Software will generate fully windows integrated projections for one/three/five years ahead. windows [Windows 3.1/95/98
  • Optimize Cutter - Universal tool for those users, who need to windows optimize cutting business and finance of any linear material, say metal windows rebar. The program solves business and finance so-called "One-dimensional Bin Packing windows problem". It optimizes the distribution of business and finance any number windows of pieces, having different len
  • C-era Software - Sermon saver tool for Ministers and Church leaders, windows aids in business and finance sermon preparation by electronically store the windows sermon notes for later business and finance retrieval. Search for particular windows sermons based on criteria supplied.
  • Business Support Software and Tools - Business software and support tools for planning, process windows improvement, and business and finance management support.
  • Presto Fundraiser - Software is designed to simplify the task of small business running a fundraising project for a scout troop, small business sports league, church youth group, and other groups. small business Manage projects with up to 500 products to small business sell. [Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000]
  • Tredd's Self Storage Software - Fully functional 32-bit, point and click customized Self Storage software windows for any size self storage business.

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