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HTML editor, write a central layout (template) only once. Then simply add pages and fill them with desired content. (English/German)

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  • Silver Age Software - HandyHTML is a text based HTML editor with syntax highlighting, tag explorer, auto suggestion for tags, attributes and values, transparent FTP download and upload, and multi-browser support.
  • Hippie98 - Hippie HTML Editor side-by-side format eliminates switching between editors your HTML internet document and source code.
  • AscToHTM - Highly configurable editor that converts text files into formatted HTML html pages. It recognizes section headings, bullets, indentation levels, mail headers, html emphasized text, tables and ASCII art. Support for multiple languages, html available as shareware under W
  • Kiss HTML Editor - Basic features include spell checking, syntax highlighting, double html click element editing, user defined elements, built in html HTML viewer, synchronised with source editor.
  • Stone's WebWriter 3 - HTML editor for Win32, that features an image internet viewer, JavaScript internet editor, image map editor, FTP module, internet style sheet editor, and internet a collection of templates. internet Product price is free (without support) internet and shareware internet for support.
  • Actipro Spider Writer - HTML editing and web development suite, fully supports editors HTML, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, XML, Perl, SQL, editors PHP, and CFML, also acts as an FTP editors Client. Free trial version, tour, screenshots, discussion and editors support forums.
  • BestAddress HTML Editor - Offers live split-screen previewing, code checking, a DHTML html menu designer, and FTP functionality.
  • HTMLPad 2005 Pro - HTML code editor. Features include code and CSS generators, character html conversion, auto complete, FTP client, spell check, HTML validator, and html extended clipboard.
  • CoffeeCup HTML Editor - A full-featured HTML editor, Image Mapper, and StyleSheet internet maker. Some of the features includes a color internet wizard, built in image slicer, a frame designer, internet a font designer and new FTP options.
  • HTML Publisher Pro - An HTML publishing tool for image collections with a wizard style interface to create Web pages. Link your image collection, other HTML pages, text, AVI and VRML files. Java applets and background images are also supported.
  • Matizha Sublime - An HTML editor for beginner or professional webmasters, create HTML internet pages and edit pages in a WYSIWYG (What You See internet Is What You Get) mode. Features advanced DHTML menu creation internet wizard.
  • www-Sharp - Browser based professional WYSIWYG HTML editor, RAD for creating HTML applications supports JScript, VBScript, other ActiveX script, JScript.Net, batch files, PHP through php_cli.
  • Editeur - A text editor with syntax highlighting for various file types html including HTML. It is able to switch to the syntax html of the scripts contained (VB, Java or Perl). Other features html include handling of DOS Mac/OS and Unix text files, split html windows, word wrap, and
  • EditPlus - An Internet ready, 32-bit text editor for Windows. editors While it can serve as a good replacement editors for Notepad, it also offers many powerful features editors for HTML and other programming languages.
  • Scribbler - JavaScript, VBScript, and DHTML editor, offers syntax highlighting, built-in library editors of over 60 ready-to-use scripts, HTML assistants and code templates. editors Other features include syntax highlighting, integrated preview and debugging
  • 1st Simple HTML Editor - Text-based HTML editor, allowing quickly changing containing repeating internet code blocks. Edit the repeating block once, and internet the changes will automatically apply to the necessary internet blocks on all pages.
  • HTML Batch Editor - Offers batch processing of HTML, text or other files, including the binary ones. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]
  • HTMLiar - HTML editor, write a central layout (template) only internet once. Then simply add pages and fill them internet with desired content. (English/German)
  • HTML Notepad - Lets you load unlimited number of files, and internet quickly switch editors back and forth between them. It internet also offers a spell editors checker, unlimited Undo and internet Redo, code validator, and FTP uploader. editors [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]

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