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Simple yet powerful calendar just double-click on the day of your choice to add a note for the day resides in the system tray for quick, easy access.

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  • CalendarPro - Simple yet powerful calendar just double-click on the day of personal information managers your choice to add a note for the day resides personal information managers in the system tray for quick, easy access.
  • Ultra Hal Assistant - Artificial intelligence program, that remembers your phone numbers, Email addresses, personal information managers street addresses, appointments, and chats with you.
  • Easy Calendar - Allows you to enter text into the calendar, windows print, and personal information managers export to HTML. [Win95/98/Me/NT/2000]
  • Calnique Custom Calendar - All-in-one calendar and PIM software for PC users calendars with a highly customizable graphical interface.
  • HotShift Calendar - Download site for a freeware/shareware calendar program for windows firefighters and personal information managers other workers on a rotating platoon windows type schedule. Features include personal information managers desktop calendar, printing and windows web calendar generator.
  • RemindWin - A simple Visual Basic program to remember recurring calendars events.
  • Ideal Calendar - Allows the user to insert an unlimited amount calendars of occasions. personal information managers The program displays a dialog, and calendars plays a sound on personal information managers the occasions the user calendars specifies.
  • Calendar Mine - A theme based perpetual desktop calendar, accurately calculating personal information managers dates and time anywhere on the globe. Providing personal information managers accurate date information starting in 1583 up until personal information managers the year 2500.It contains built-in calculations for over personal information managers 500 holidays covering 30 religiou
  • DaanCalendar - Fast and simple events calendar, insert events for each day personal information managers of a month.
  • Ace Calendar - Offers calendar, time and events list display, records calendars sound events, windows reminds you about important events, and calendars prints the event list.
  • Visual Day Planner - Calendar planner that visually organizes events, reminders and calendars memos. Drag-n-drop pictures, set as desktop wallpaper. Workgroup calendars enabled across networks allows sharing of database. Inkline calendars Global shareware for Windows 95/98/NT.
  • Birthday calendar reminder - Provides daily, weekday, weekly, monthly view to ease calendars managing events. calendars In addition there is a customizable calendars desktop clock, import/export, and calendars print function.
  • AMF: Daily Planner and PIM - Includes a complete Rolodex-style contact manager, a perpetual calendar, and personal information managers a scheduling system for your appointments and events.
  • Firefighter Shift Calendar - A platoon-based calendar for emergency personnel working 24-hour shifts. The personal information managers program prints high-quality monthly, annual, and wallet shift calendars.
  • Natur Calendar - Download a simple desktop calendar, tutorial and screenshots.
  • Calendarscope - A full-featured calendar program for planning, managing, and scheduling any windows events by Duality Software. Day, week, and month views are windows available. Web calendars, repeating events, color reminders with live web windows URLs, custom event types, and security.[Win 95
  • Bill's Calendar - A simple desktop calendar and scheduler program with personal information managers highly customizable display options. [Win 9x/NT/2000/ME]
  • Compunac CompuCalendar - A personal calendar program for keeping and finding appointments and calendars "to do list" items. Numerous advanced features included. [Win 95/98/Me]
  • Somebytes Software Development - Fully customizable calendar displays itself as a desktop wallpaper by integrating the appointments and tasks from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Cotton Calendar - Create modify, display and print schedules which are personal information managers lists of events that take place on some personal information managers specific date.

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