Phone and Address Managers Personal Information Managers Windows Shareware

Provides contact management for single or multiple users, across both local and wide area networks, or even across the Internet.

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  • Techra Software - Phone number, address, contact management, contact organizer, and phone and address windows managers sales lead organizer software. user friendly and customizable phone and windows address managers features for searching.
  • Addressinator - Customizable address book and contact management software for windows individual user or network of users. Software descriptions, windows screenshots, FAQs, download, and contact details.
  • Manage Your Contacts - A Windows shareware based contact management program. Search, filters, and sort entries with a handy search and filter wizard. Print mailing and phone lists.
  • Info Panel - Creates a small database to remember birthday, anniversaries, addresses, and windows telephone numbers.
  • Kentronics Inc. - The Address Manager is a personal information manager personal information managers windows to store business and personal records. This version personal information managers windows is intended for users of Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT personal information managers windows environment.
  • RoloBase 2000 Address Book - Simple address book program designed for all 32-bit versions of personal information managers Windows. The software provides tree structure direct access to the personal information managers Contact Database, Web Directory and Event Calendar records.
  • Oxygen Phone Manager - Nokia 8xxx GSM phone program to communicate with windows Nokia 8210, 8290, 8850, 8890 and all other windows 8xxx GSM phones using PC. Includes phonebook, calendar windows and SMS manager.
  • Act! - Manages contacts, and gets the news, stock quotes, company profiles, weather information, and driving directions.
  • A-book - Address book and contact management software with dialer. Envelop and windows label printing capabilities. Multi-user access over the network. Backup and windows restore options. Save for Web option. [Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP]
  • Efficient Address Book - Featuring the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook, phone and address managers this product allows you to set reminders, add phone and address managers photos to your notes, view your notes as phone and address managers cards and bulk-import your contacts and addresses.
  • HomeProduction - MyPhoneBook - Full-featured contact manager application, with an explorer like phone and address managers interface. Keep all friends, family and business contacts phone and address managers information in one organized environment.
  • Address & Phone Book Pro - Address book with dialing, photo and print capabilities. Windows 95/98/NT
  • Klick-N-View AddressBook - Tool for managing names, addresses, telephone numbers and windows for printing windows address labels.
  • Address Database Standard - Windows Rolodex - A contact management PIM, prints telephone lists, address books, mailing and file-folder labels on any type paper. Store unlimited notes. Allows searching and displaying of names that meet specific selection criteria.
  • Smart Address 2000 - Provides contact management for single or multiple users, phone and address phone and address managers managers across both local and wide area networks, or phone and phone and address managers address managers even across the Internet.
  • Address Organizer Deluxe - Complete program that will help you organize personal windows or business addresses, emails, phones, WEB pages.
  • PhoneBook Wolf - Organize all phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and personal information managers website URL\\'s. Powered by a dynamic relational database personal information managers that provides unlimited capacity.
  • Enhilex Address Book Software - Includes a "ribbon bar" user interface similar to Microsoft Office 2007, a "stay on top of other windows" feature, and similar functionality to Windows Cardfile.

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