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Professional text editor with many features some are the ability to create your own syntax schemes, support for projects, and create tools that launch specified programs and documents, with integration support for command line compilers.

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  • TextPad - Powerful 32-bit text editor for programmers, files can editors be edited windows up to the limits of virtual editors memory. Frequently used combinations windows of commands can be editors saved as keystroke macros, and the windows spelling checker editors has dictionaries for 13 languages.
  • Advanced Hex Editor (AXE) - AXE is a powerful, ergonomic tool for editing editors and analyzing programming files, disks, and memory. Features include editors the ability to handle programming huge files, scripts, structures, editors bookmarks, unicode, arithmetic, diffs, and an programming intuitive modern editors interface.
  • Visual Assist X - An add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, .NET, editors and VC++ windows 6.0. Provides advanced code parsing and editors refactoring.
  • Pandali Intelligent Editor - Makers of a C/C++ code editor featuring context-sensitive editors completion, ability editors to launch a compiler, and many editors other features.
  • PE Explorer - View, edit and repair internal structures of PE binaries, including windows file resources. Can be used as a reverse engineering tool windows to disassemble the executable files. [Win 9x/ME/NT/2000]
  • EditPlus - A 32-bit text editor with a powerful set of features programming for Web authors and programmers, features, including: customizable syntax highlighting programming with support for HTML, CSS, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, PERL, PHP, programming Java, C/C++, and many other languages.
  • Binary File Editing Kit - Simple binary file editor for Win 95/98, operates windows on large files and performs simple searches.
  • Ez86 - A programmers editor for assembly, written entirely in ASM using editors the A86 assembler. Editor uses built in utilities to make editors coding simpler, and faster.
  • Pandali - The Intelligent Editor is a code editor for programming programmers that helps write the code, special features programming for C/C++ users.
  • Workspace Whiz - Powerful Visual Studio add-in designed to improve developers\\' editors productivity by allowing quicker source navigation and coding, editors works with Visual C++ 6.0, Visual C++ 5.0, editors and eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0. 21-day trial.
  • HAPedit Html Asp Php editor - A win32 text-mode editor useful for all developers of dynamic editors web pages. Code Completion, SQL console, FTP Manager with additional editors features.
  • Zeus for Windows - Programmer\\'s editor that supports the Brief, Epsilon, Wordstar editors and EMACS keyboard mappings. Compiling and building can editors be run in the background along with in-editor, editors in-line error location and correction facility that works editors with most compilers.
  • SEDIT Lite for Windows - A powerful Windows and UNIX programmer\\'s editor patterned after IBM\'s windows XEDIT and PDF editors.
  • ED - Editor and IDE tool with support for 33 programming languages.
  • DzSoft Perl Editor - Perl CGI programming editor tool for writing, editing and debugging windows Perl CGI scripts for Windows and Unix. Detailed Perl help windows in HTML format is included, along with a syntax-checking tool.
  • EditPro - Professional text editor with many features some are editors the ability to create your own syntax schemes, editors support for projects, and create tools that launch editors specified programs and documents, with integration support for editors command line compilers.
  • SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. - PrimalScript a scripting IDE code-level development tool. Faster editors and easier windows with language-sensitive Primalsense, code snippets, project editors management, and works with windows over 30 languages.
  • SannySoft - Perl Editor makes writing and debugging Perl scripts easier and editors shorting developing time. Features include syntax highlighting, running, debugging, and editors breakpoints. Screenshots, download, and software description.
  • DzSoft PHP Editor - Tool for writing, editing, and debugging PHP scripts and HTML pages. It has a built-in FTP client and browser, Code and File Explorer, customizable Code Templates, and other PHP-specific features for comfortable development. [Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP]
  • Microride - Enigma IDE and text editor. Features list, editors trial download, and support information.
  • Visual Perl Editor - Create CGI scripts in Perl, offline in Windows. programming The program editors has two panels, one to edit programming and another that previews editors the CGI Script in programming an internal web browser. It fully editors emulates an programming Internet server, test your CGI scripts exactly as editors programming they will be used on the In
  • Divcom Software - Help authoring tools, help compilers. Help Development Studio is a stand-alone tool for creating application help systems. Hotspot Builder is an editor of segmented hyper graphics files, which are used in help systems.
  • Extreme Softwares - Extreme Editor - A hex / text editor with 32 languages programming syntax analysis windows and compiling, and projecting.
  • PrEdito - A syntax coloring text editor for program languages, programming scripts, HTML, editors configuration files, and documentation. Built-in project programming support, and help. Comes editors with pre-defined definition files programming for the most popular programming languages.
  • AptEdit - An 32-bit text/HEX/HTML/Programming editor with features for Web page authors programming and programmers. Site offers feature overview, screenshots, changelog, download and programming FAQ. [Windows 2000/XP/2003]

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