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Zip code lookup program also functions as a very simple keyboard enhancer by allowing long sequences of keystrokes to be assigned to simple hot keys.

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  • Hot Keyboard - Assigns hot keys for such repetitive tasks including mouse and keyboard utilities frequently used text, date and time stamps, mouse and keyboard utilities and application launching.
  • Web Site Express - Opens a web site with the default browser when a windows hotkey command is issued from any other program.
  • Cool Mouse - Assigns various features like roll-up, minimize to tray, mouse and keyboard mouse and keyboard popup start menu to the middle mouse button.
  • Keyboard King - Utility that allows increasing text editing efficiency by windows speeding up mouse and keyboard the keyboard's repeat rate.
  • Toggler - Provides control over the Caps Lock, Num Lock, mouse and keyboard mouse and keyboard and Insert keys, preventing accidental typing in an mouse and keyboard mouse and keyboard unintended mode.
  • Cursor Hider - Hides the mouse cursor while the keyboard is in use.
  • System Utility Professional - Provides professional mouse and keyboard tools. Products include windows Autorecorder, Keystroke ShortCut Recorder, and Mouse Emulator.
  • OOSBuster - Software that helps prevent and recover from OOS windows (aka RSI aka CTS) by prompting you to windows take breaks and do exercises. Also offers custom windows software development for Windows and Linux systems.
  • My Function Keys - Maps function keys to any type of text or user utilities defined macros.
  • @YourFingertips - Provides one-click access to a pop-up menu of mouse and keyboard windows shortcuts, minimizing use of desktop space and system mouse and keyboard windows resources.
  • - Zip code lookup program also functions as a windows very simple keyboard enhancer by allowing long sequences windows of keystrokes to be assigned to simple hot windows keys.
  • Key Mouse Genie - Control the mouse using the keyboard.
  • Auto Macro Recorder - Macro recorder to record all operations on the windows computer to script file automatically.
  • Janko's Keyboard Generator - Makes it easy to setup a native Windows windows 95/98 keyboard mouse and keyboard layout for any Latin or Cyrillic-written windows language.
  • ClickyMouse - Assigns macros to different mouse movements.
  • MouseCount - Counting how many times a mouse is clicked in a given period of time.
  • As-U-Type - Correct spelling and expand text on the fly.
  • Cresotech TypeRecorder - Convenient utility for recording keystroke sequence while working with word windows processing programs, games, and multimedia applications. [Windows 95/98/NT/2000]
  • Autoclik - Eliminates the need for clicking, which is beneficial windows for those with carpel tunnel syndrome or repetitive windows strain injury.
  • AutoTimedClick - The tool for automating mouse tasks.
  • Hot Keyboard Server - Creates macros of various action types and assigns windows them to utilities hotkeys. Solution for workgroups to synchronize windows and share macros.
  • 1st QuickLaunch - Add, remove and modify keyboard shortcuts. View unused keys while windows creating new shortcuts.
  • Boss Key - Hide and restore the applications on the screen mouse and keyboard utilities in order to prevent uninvited persons from seeing mouse and keyboard utilities them.
  • Keyboard Express - Macro utility allows issuing of command sequences with windows the touch windows of a key.

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