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A web-based database for keeping track of electronic documents and BibTeX entries, including browser plugins and console frontends. Live demo, SourceForge project page, download and documentation.

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CTAN directory: biblio/bibtex/* - All BibTeX related files on CTAN. A collection with short descriptions for each entry.

  • CL-BibTeX - A BibTeX system in Common Lisp that aims typesetting is to tex enable the user to format bibliographic typesetting entries using Common Lisp tex programs. Project page, download typesetting and project status.
  • Aigaion - A web based, shared bibliography manager written in typesetting PHP and BibTeX compliant. A lot of support typesetting for structuring and annotating the literature in overlapping typesetting topics.
  • Document Archive (docarc) - A web-based database for keeping track of electronic typesetting documents and bibtex BibTeX entries, including browser plugins and typesetting console frontends. Live demo, bibtex SourceForge project page, download typesetting and documentation.
  • JabRef - Java GUI frontend for managing BibTeX and other bibliographies. Download, revision history, screenshots and SourceForge project page.
  • Javabib - A BibTeX parser written in Java. Source code bibtex and javadoc.
  • Bibutils - A set of programs that interconverts between various bibtex bibliography formats using a common XML intermediate (MODS).
  • Bib2x - BibTeX converter that allows to define arbitrary fileformats typesetting using a very flexible template lanuage, with additional typesetting features such as filtering. (GPL)
  • BibTeX reference generator for W3C technical reports - An online tool generating bibliographic references for W3C typesetting technical reports typesetting in BibTeX format.
  • BibTex Plugin - BibTeX plugin for Wordpress, the blogging software.
  • Synapsen - A hypertextual card index or reference management software written in bibtex Java, with special support of BibTeX. Site contains screen shots, bibtex manual, FAQ and downloads.
  • allbib - Perl script with a Gtk interface for managing typesetting BibTex databases available under GNU GPL. Download, news typesetting and SourceForge summary page.
  • bib2html - Utility that converts BibTeX files to HTML. It is available as a linux RPM file or in full source.
  • KBibTeX - A BibTeX editor for KDE. GPL license.
  • directory - A macro package for LaTeX and BibTeX that facilitates the bibtex construction, the maintenance and the exploitation of an address book bibtex like database. Downloads, documentation.
  • Gbib - Overview and download of this unix software for typesetting browsing and tex editing database in the BibTeX format. typesetting Requires Gnome and tex C++ standard libraries. typesetting Free under GPL.
  • BibTeX++ - Improvement to BibTeX written in Java. Download, CVS access and a master thesis about the tool development.
  • Jurabib - Supports citations used in the humanities and by German law typesetting students. Screen shots, documentation including FAQs, forums, and mailing list.
  • bib2xml - Converts BibTeX to wellformed XML. Based on Greg typesetting Ward\'s btparse library.
  • Bibweb - Utility for automatically retrieving bibliographical information from the American Mathematical Society's MathSciNet program. Download and documentation.
  • Ebib - A BibTeX database manager for Emacs.
  • Bebop (BibTeX Publisher) - A tool that creates a web interface to a list of publications stored in a BibTeX file and allows easy browsing by author, year, and keywords using PHP, Javascript and XML technologies.
  • custom-bib - Method for generating customized BibTeX bibliography styles from a generic tex file using the docstrip functionality of LaTeX. Parameter can be tex selected using a menu system or by editing a config tex file. Documentation and download.
  • BibConverter - An online tool for converting citations from IEEEXplore, Engineering Village, bibtex and ISI Web of Science to the BibTeX format.
  • bib2xhtml - A program that converts BibTeX files into HTML (specifically XHTML 1.0), based on bib2html. Download of source and documentation, and examples.
  • Joomla Bibtex Component - Creates and maintains a bibliographical database using the tex BibTex specification inside Joomla.
  • BibTeX as XML markup - Includes a DTD that expresses the content model bibtex in BibTeX tex and related converters. Documentation, download bibtex and Sourceforge project page.
  • btOOL: A Programmer's Interface to BibTeX Files - A pair of libraries, one in C and tex one in typesetting Perl, that give programmers unhindered access tex to BibTeX files. It typesetting includes btparse and Text::BibTeX.
  • tkbibtex - A portable Tcl/Tk browser/editor for BibTeX format bibliography typesetting files. typesetting Mailing list, man page, source code typesetting and downloads for Unix, typesetting Mac, Windows 3.1, 95 typesetting and NT.
  • LaTeX Bibliography Styles Database - A database provides style files (bst and sty) for use bibtex with LaTeX documents using BibTeX or AMSrefs to manage the bibtex bibliography. The styles are referenced by the academic journals to bibtex which they apply.
  • Medline (PubMed) queries with BibTeX output - Enter a PubMed (Medline) query and it will display the typesetting result of the query as a BibTeX file which can typesetting be saved.
  • Bib-it - An open source (GPL) Java front end for managing references typesetting in the BibTeX format. Download, screen shots and documentation.
  • Convert References from web of science to bibTex - Online tool to convert the saved reference records from Web of Science to BibTeX
  • Delila Program: medlinebib - Converts medline Unix query format to bibtex format. bibtex Pascal and C source code, documentation.
  • isi.rb - Ruby script (that also can be used as bibtex a library) tex which converts ISI Export Format to bibtex BibTeX Format. Formerly known tex as isi2bibtex.rb.
  • Bibwiki - An extension to Mediawiki to manage BibTeX bibliographies. Allows importing bibtex from various sources (including Amazon) and generating list of references bibtex with BibTeX styles.
  • Pybliographer - A tool for managing bibliographic databases. It currently bibtex supports BibTeX, ISI, Medline, Ovid and Refer formats. bibtex It can be used for searching, editing, and bibtex reformatting.
  • Document Database - Web-based database solution written in PHP to organise tex research papers bibtex and their BibTex entries. Overview, screenshots tex and SourceForge project page.
  • Bibtex2HTML - A set of tools that transforms a bibtex file into an XML file and then into an HTML file. This work is based on bibtexml.
  • Bibulus - A complete rewrite of BibTeX written in pure Perl under typesetting the GPL. Bibliographic databases are stored in XML and the typesetting bibliographies can be output in many formats (at present LaTeX, typesetting HTML and plain text).
  • BibORB - BibTeX On-Line References Browser. A web front-end to manage and share BibTeX bibliographies on a network. History, news, screenshots and download.

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