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Projects aimed at extending TeX or developing a successor.

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Editor's Picks:

pdfTeX* - An extended version of TeX that can create PDF directly from TeX source files and enhance the result of TeX typesetting with the help of PDF. When PDF output is not selected, pdfTeX produces normal DVI output.

  • PyTex - Python programming plus TeX typesetting. Information about the concept, documents and links to the SourceForge page with download and mailing list. Also home of Active TeX, a forerunner of PyTeX, and the TeX daemon.
  • TeX in C - Project converting the TeX source code from Web extensions to C. Download of code and information on extensions the conversion.
  • HyperTeX - A standard of \specials for turning (La)TeX documents in hyperdocuments supported by previewers for DVI and Postscript files.
  • easyLaTeX - Software which calls all tools necessary to create PDF, DVI extensions or HTML output out of simple text files (via LaTeX) extensions using LaTeX like syntax. Download and documentation.
  • An \eval for TeX - Using Scheme as an extension language for TeX. Download, documentation typesetting and information about PicScheme.
  • NTS - The NTS projected is aimed at developing successor extensions for TeX; typesetting a New Typesetting System.
  • ExTeX - New TeX engine in development, written in Java and based typesetting on NTS, ε-TeX, pdfTeX, and Ω (Omega). Development information, documentation, typesetting mailing lists and download.
  • QaTeX - Allows Python modules to be used instead of (La)TeX style typesetting files to ease La(TeX) programming.
  • Omega Project - Omega is an extension of TeX developed by typesetting John Plaice typesetting (Université Laval, Canada) and Yannis Haralambous typesetting (Atelier Fluxus Virus, France) typesetting aimed primarily at improving typesetting TeX's multilingual abilities.
  • LuaTeX - An extended version of pdfTeX using Lua as an embedded scripting language. Roadmap, FAQs, source code and documentation.
  • TeX++ - A modern and free C++ implementation of TeX tex based on CommonTeX.
  • mimeTeX - Program licensed under the GNU GPL which parses LaTeX math typesetting expressions emitting images which can be used directly in HTML typesetting documents. Introduction, manual and download.
  • FarsiTeX - Free Persian/English bidirectional typesetting system based on TeX. tex Currently available only for DOS.
  • TeXlib - A SourceForge project to develop a run-time TeX library, with support for enhancements such as e-TeX, pdf-e-TeX, Omega.
  • sTeXme - Allows to manipulate TeX internals using the Scheme typesetting programming language. extensions Sourceforge project page and guides.

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