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Describes the new font selection features of LaTeX2e. Aimed at those writing font-loading packages similar to times or latexsym.

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The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e* - LaTeX2e in 139 minutes by Tobias Oetiker. A short course on LaTeX.
Hypertext Help with LaTeX* - Provide reference information for those with some familiarity with LaTeX.

  • LaTeXe Help 1.6 - Documentation on LaTeX written by Torsten Martinsen.
  • Configuration options for LaTeX2e - Describes the possibilities for configuration of this release latex of LaTeX, reference including how to configure font definition latex files to take advantage reference of available fonts.[PDF]
  • A beginner's introduction to typesetting with LaTeX - Covers many topics from installation of LaTeX, editors reference to tex writing macros.
  • LaTeX2e for Authors - Describes how to take advantage of the new latex features in tex LaTeX2e, and also how to process latex documents from older versions.[PDF]
  • LaTeX Help - On-line manual at Emory University.
  • LaTeX2e for Class and Package Writers - An introduction to writing classes and packages for LaTeX2e. Includes information about updating existing LaTeX 2.09 style files.[PDF]
  • Wikibooks: LaTeX - A collaboratively written guide to the LaTeX markup language.
  • The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List - Organized list of over 2500 symbols commonly available tex to LaTeX reference users (either by default or by tex including special packages). Available reference in ps and pdf tex formats.
  • Standard Document Classes for LaTeX version 2e - Annotated code from the standard document classes. Useful latex for those reference who wish customize pre-defined commands and latex environments.[PDF]
  • Getting Started with LaTeX - A short primer on LaTeX.
  • LaTeX2e Font Selection - Describes the new font selection features of LaTeX2e. tex Aimed at tex those writing font-loading packages similar to tex times or latexsym.[PDF]
  • Modifying LaTeX - Describes the principles and policy on the distribution and modification of the LaTeX system.[PDF]

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