Converters DOS and Windows Platform Specific TeX

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  • TeX Converter - A freeware windows front-end to a number of programs that dos and windows convert TeX files to HTML and other formats. Download, information dos and windows and samples.
  • Chikrii Softlab - Microsoft Word to LaTeX conversion: Word2TeX and TeX2Word. platform specific Download shareware versions.
  • TeXaide - A special version of Design Science\\'s Equation Editor dos and windows dos and windows that generates TeX. Available for Windows 95, dos and windows dos and windows 98, 2000, Me, XP, NT 4.0 and newer: dos and windows dos and windows free download on registration.
  • TeXPort - From TeX/LaTeX to Microsoft Word. Purchase Windows software dos and windows platform specific or conversion service.
  • GrindEQ - Converting Word to TeX, TeX to Word, and dos and windows converters MathType to Microsoft Equation.
  • TeX4PPT - Enables PowerPoint to typeset sentences and equations using converters LaTeX.
  • TexPoint - A Latex add-in for Powerpoint that enables the easy use dos and windows of Latex symbols and formulas in Powerpoint presentations.

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