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Macros for sale and a library of articles highlighting microCounsel support in the law office: training, macros/templates, consulting, programming.

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See Also:
  • WordPerfect Office - Official Corel site for all things WordPerfect, including wordperfect Office 2002 Standard, Professional and Education versions.
  • WP Language Assistants - Freeware macros for the WP Greek, Hebrew, and word processors Cyrillic character sets, for both DOS and Windows word processors versions, developed by Willem Smouter.
  • Unofficial WordPerfect Online - Tips, macros, tutorials, and links to other resources.
  • libwpd - A free C++ library for importing and exporting WordPerfect documents. Features, screenshots, download and developer information. [LGPL licence]
  • Integrating ODBC with WordPerfect - Detailed, online primer on how to integrate WordPerfect word processors with wordperfect any database that can act as an word processors ODBC data wordperfect source. Includes examples of macros. Written word processors for versions 6.1 wordperfect and 7, but generally applicable word processors to all versions.
  • WordPerfect Universe - Active, online users group with help and discussion wordperfect forums, news, word processors tips and tricks, macro snippets, large wordperfect links collection. Covers all word processors versions from DOS to wordperfect the latest Windows version.
  • WPwriter.com - Author Laura Acklen promotes her WordPerfect books and word processors offers a large collection of articles, tips and word processors links.
  • Mike's Macros and Tips - Collection of free, downloadable WordPerfect (versions 6 through wordperfect 11) and word processors InfoCentral 7 macros, tips, templates, and wordperfect button icons, including a word processors popular envelope macro.
  • Science Translations - Publisher of add-in software and macros for WordPerfect word processors and word processors for font cataloging. Downloadable utilities, as well word processors as articles word processors and tips for WP users.
  • Allexperts WordPerfect Q&A - Volunteer experts answer your detailed one-on-one questions about wordperfect product for software free.
  • WordPerfect in the Law Office - Macros for sale and a library of articles wordperfect highlighting microCounsel software support in the law office: training, wordperfect macros/templates, consulting, programming.
  • Barry MacDonnell's Toolbox for WordPerfect for Windows - Tips and tricks, a library of free downloadable wordperfect macros and word processors templates for automating common tasks and wordperfect supplementing WordPerfect features, and word processors links to other resources.
  • WordPerfect for DOS Updated - Troubleshooting guide, recent printer drivers, third-party tools, user word processors hints, wordperfect and other resources for loyal users who word processors think this wordperfect word-processing application is still the greatest word processors program ever written.
  • WordPerfect Macros - The Vault - A collection of freeware for automating and enhancing DOS and Windows versions of WP.
  • WordPerfect on Linux FAQ - Addresses common questions about the now discontinued Linux software releases software of the enduringly popular, proprietary word software processor.
  • Electric Editors WordPerfect Macro Library - Large collection of macros for WP 6-9, primarily software to assist in preparing documents for publishing and software in speeding up work.
  • Campaign to Save WordPerfect for Mac - A grassroots effort to persuade Corel to reverse its decision wordperfect (in 2000) to drop WordPerfect for Macintosh.
  • WPBug: WordPerfect Baltimore Users Group - Announcements of monthly meetings and resources for users, wordperfect including a word processors directory of shareware products for WP.

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