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Makers of Task Manager 2007, which allows users to manage all shared team tasks and projects. Free 45-day trial download. [Windows 2000/XP]

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  • Change Management Control - A comprehensive change management solution that enables users to track, manage, and control change in a fully web based environment.
  • OpenCS - An adaptative web based workflow engine designed for the sectors of electronic document management (EDM), production of Internet, Extranet or Intranet sites, and client relationship management (CRM).
  • FINEOS Workflow Manager - A component-based workflow management solution, created specifically for workflow the retail products banking industry.
  • ExtraTextual - A compliance management system for the superannuation and industry specific managed investment funds industries.
  • PrintBridge - A powerful solution that takes the complication, confusion workflow and expense industry specific out of web-to-print and order management workflow technology.
  • Orbisoft - Makers of Task Manager 2007, which allows users to manage products all shared team tasks and projects. Free 45-day trial download. products [Windows 2000/XP]
  • CGS Publishing Technologies International - Offers digital workflow and productivity software for the printing and publishing industries. Products include ORIS Works, a modular workflow automation system.
  • Appointment Solutions - Appointment scheduling software for the automotive industry can be used workflow to allow customers to book appointments online or as an workflow internal scheduling software system.
  • FDS Solutions - Imaging and workflow \'banking\' solutions developed on FileNET technology.
  • Automated Workflow - Specialized on the Insurance domain, BPO space workflow management out industry specific of the box product on IBM platforms. Focused on the industry specific Asia Pacific Region.
  • - Offers services and technology to enhance multi-channel publishing capabilities.
  • LANE Telecommunications - Document Exchange comprises a suite of objects and industry specific applications that combine to form a communications, workflow industry specific and email security server.
  • CAReGO - CAReGO\\'s logistic workflow management system with distributed tracing workflow is specifically products designed for the Road Transport Workflow.
  • Savvior Technology Solutions - Web based project management software that manages contractors, industry specific clients, telecommuters, and internal employees.
  • AgendaQuick - Web-based software application used by city and county workflow clerks that is designed to simplify the agenda workflow process from start to finish.
  • Plunet BusinessManager - Enables the automated handling and management of all industry specific the products activities and processes involved in a translation industry specific project.

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