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Sells a variety of audio, video, streaming media, video, video on demand, media encoding, live broadcast hardware primarily for Microsoft platforms.

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  • VXI Corporation - Manufacturer of precision computer headsets and microphones. News, speech technology support, computers and store information.
  • HTH Engineering, Inc. - PC-based digital dictation and transcription foot pedal systems speech technology and software for medical transcription, dictation, and digital speech technology voice recording. Download free software upgrades.
  • Handheld Recorder for Dictation - Olympus makes Digital Voice Recorders which can be used for speech technology off line recording with subsequent transcription by computer using various speech technology speech to text software. D150, D1000 and others supported by speech technology IBM ViaVoice, Dragon Systems.
  • Pocketmemo.com - Offers both analogue and digital dictation systems, with speech technology most speech technology orders despatched on a same day basis. speech technology Glasgow based.
  • Quikscribe Transcription System - PC based, digital dictation and transcription software. Products, resources, and company information.
  • AltoEdge Hardware - Supplies audio and telephony hardware.
  • CMOS Chips for Speech - Specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing digital speech technology audio products for a variety of applications. Based speech technology in Taipei, Taiwan with branch offices in the speech technology United States and China.
  • Acoustic Magic - Makes "far-field" desktop microphone array products for speech speech technology recognition computers and recording in clean and noisy environments.
  • Headsets4 U - Distributor of headset systems and accessories.
  • Computer Telephony Multi-Chassis Hardware - cPCI and PCI solutions for multi-chassis computer telephony hardware applications. VoIP board solutions include echo cancellation, hardware ADPCM, tone relay and TDM trunking over IP. hardware Supports Media Server applications with advanced voice hardware activity detection.
  • USB Foot Pedals - Supplies USB foot pedals throughout the UK.
  • AccuTransSys Transcription Devices - Medical transcription foot pedal control system for PC-based speech technology digital hardware dictation of Wav, MP3 and proprietary format speech technology audio files.
  • SimplyOfficeMachines.com - Digital dictation and transcription products and reviews.
  • Audio and Video Capture for Win9x - Sells a variety of audio, video, streaming media, video, video hardware on demand, media encoding, live broadcast hardware primarily for Microsoft hardware platforms.
  • SKC Communication Products - Analog and digital PC headsets to connect to speech technology soundcards or USB ports. Other audio and video speech technology conferencing aids.
  • Executive Communcation Systems - Sales and service of dictation and transcription machines. hardware Browse by categories, product search, and new arrivals.
  • Andrea Electronics Corporation - Developer and supplier of (Active Design) noise cancellation hardware microphones used in Internet/Intranet, PC voice-computing, telecommunications and hardware military applications.
  • Microphone Specialist - Sells a wide variety of microphones, including wireless speech technology types, hardware for speech recognition, voice command, and call speech technology centers. Does hardware microphone testing and recommends those which speech technology give the best hardware results.
  • NXPeds Foot Pedal - Programmable computer foot pedal for industrial, medical, office, speech technology and hardware home applications. USB and PS/2 versions.
  • InSynch Speech Technologies, Inc. - Designs and manufactures high performance microphones especially designed hardware for speech recognition, and develops software to extend hardware speech recognition the capabilities of other existing software hardware products.
  • Transcription System Hardware - USB 3-switch foot pedal and professional quality audio transcription software speech technology for the price of the pedal alone. Supports most audio speech technology formats, built-in automatic file transfers, project folders, and voice recognition speech technology interface.
  • MaxxStream - Integrated hardware solution enabling audio to be captured, hardware optimized and computers broadcast for streaming over the Internet. hardware Hardware provides optimization for computers all Internet streaming audio hardware applications.
  • Isage Communications Pte Ltd - Provider of compliance, security monitoring and server management and messaging computers solutions in the Asia Pacific. Products and solutions, services, and computers partner information.
  • Microphones.Com - Provides latest in speech recognition microphones including USB. speech technology Also hardware has short reviews of microphones.
  • DigiBox Store - Digital Dictation & Transcription CyberStore - Provides hardware for digital dictation and transcription. Shipping hardware is available speech technology in Canada only.
  • VoxCore Technology - Manufactures board and chips for and voice over hardware IP gateways.
  • Voice Synthesizer Chip Set - DoubleTalk RC8650 Text to speech / voice synthesizer chip set is low overhead design. Development kit available.
  • Sigmacom Computer Telephony Solutions - International distributor for Intel Dialogic, SwyxWare, Fonomail, IXI, Voice Response hardware and CTI, based Netherlands.
  • Speech Recognition Solutions - Source of microphones and accessories for speech recognition hardware software.
  • Fulcrum Voice Technologies - A leading UK noise cancellation and speech technology computers specialist. Special computers techniques for removing sirens, and automotive computers noise.
  • VoiceX Communications - Speech recognition systems for digital dictation and transcription.
  • Emrico Data Systems, Inc. - Buys and sells Natural MicroSystems (NMS Communications) voice cards/telephony cards. computers Listing of cards, software, manuals, items for sale, and items computers wanted.
  • Humanity-Oriented Technology Corp. - Manufacturer of voice-activated remote controls, voice-dialing hands free speech technology kits, hardware voice-dialing carkits, voice-indexed phone book and auto speech technology dialer, PC hardware voice commander, voice-operated wireless keyboard.

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