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CoolSpeech is a text-to-speech player for Windows, listen to online news, emails, local text documents, typing, tell the time and date, convert text into wav files.

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  • Audio Bookmaker - Converts texts using different human voices, saving speech to WAV or MP3 files. Speaking clock and other text-to-speech utilities.
  • Sagirus Software - Develops text to speech software applications. Product and speech synthesis documentation downloads.
  • PowerTalk - automatic presentation narrator - Free Open Source Windows program that automatically speaks the text on any PowerPoint presentation. Uses the standard SAPI speech synthesis software that comes with XP.
  • - TextAloud Software - Desktop Reader with extra software to read special speech technology news speech synthesis items like stock, weather etc.
  • Smart Butler - Add-on for instant messenger programs that enables users desktop readers to listen to incoming messages without reading them.
  • Cool Conversations - Desktop Web Reader based on MS-Speech API, coupled with speech speech technology recognition.
  • Alive Text to Speech - Desktop Reader, converts to MP3, WAV, OGG or VOX files from AliveMedia. Trial version downloadable.
  • Niurosoft - Yet another Desktop reader. Mp3 generation possible, free speech technology trial speech synthesis version downloadable.
  • Digital Future Software - Text reader with e-mail and web-page interface. Uses AT&T natural voices or neospeech TTS.
  • ByteCool Software Inc. - CoolSpeech is a text-to-speech player for Windows, listen speech technology to speech synthesis online news, emails, local text documents, typing, speech technology tell the speech synthesis time and date, convert text into speech technology wav files.
  • Expressivo Text Reader - Text to speech reader. Free download, on-line demo, speech technology news, speech technology and pricing information.
  • 2nd Speech Center - Multilingual Desktop Reader, converts to mp3. Trial version downloadable.
  • TextSpeech Pro - Desktop Reader specialized on reading MS-Word or PDF documents. Based speech technology on MS Speech API.
  • The Reader - Multilingual text reader using Microsoft Agent and Lernout and Hauspie core components. Download software from site. Demo available.
  • Text to MP3 Speaker - Desktop Reader with mp3-converter based on MS-Voices by YeoSoft. Shareware speech technology downloadable.
  • Desktop Text to Speech Utility - CyberBuddy - a freeware utility program that uses desktop readers MicroSoft speech technology Agents to do Instant Messaging with speech desktop readers and animation, speech technology reminders, time of day, check email, desktop readers news reports, weather, speech technology stock quotes, text reading, and desktop readers ICQ status reporting.
  • Sayz Me - An open-source text-to-speech application for Windows. Uses Microsoft speech synthesis speech desktop readers API.
  • Speak Clipboard - Speak Clipboard is free voice reader for Windows speech synthesis XP. desktop readers It can read out loud the content speech synthesis of your desktop readers clipboard in plain English by using speech synthesis text to speech desktop readers technology.
  • - Online text to speech service provider.
  • My Text Reader - Multi-language SAPI 4 and SAPI 5 text to speech player. speech synthesis Download product demo and support information.
  • Natural Voice Reader - English Desktop reader. Free Version with MS-Voices downloadable. Commercial version speech technology with AT&T Natural Voices TTS.
  • Internet2Ear - Desktop Email/Web/News Reader ("personal voiceportal"), works with wireless audio-player. Trial speech technology version downloadable.
  • ReadPlease - Text-to-speech software for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP. Freeware and commercial versions. Uses desktop readers AT&T Natral Voices.
  • Reading Machine - Reads text aloud using text-to-speech, converts text into speech technology mp3/wave desktop readers files for use with any cd player speech technology or MP3 desktop readers player. Extracts text speech technology from one web desktop readers page or whole web sites. speech technology Text is automatically organized desktop readers into books and chapters speech technology for later use. Gives control

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