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Text-to-speech for a wide selection of platforms - including servers, desktops and mobile. Provides a variety of languages, voices, and accents. Effective on line demo of speech quality.

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The MBROLA PROJECT* - Multi-lingual text to speech synthesis. Free multi platform software download for research purposes.

  • IMS: German Research Group - Speech synthesis group at the IMS, University of Stuttgart, Germany: speech synthesis cores Online demo, speaking metro information system, various speech synthesis example speech synthesis cores sand some downloads. Research is concentrating on getting good speech synthesis cores prosidy (inflection).
  • Nuance - TTS engine Realspeak available in many languages. Company (former Scansoft) speech synthesis bought many TTS-manufacturers, e.g. Rhetorical, ETI-Eloquence, Nuance, Lernhout and Hauspie.
  • Voiceinterconnect GmbH - Wide range of products and services for embedded electronics including echo cancellation, DSP, speaker independent recognition and text to speech.
  • FreeTTS - Java speech synthesis - A speech synthesis system written entirely in the speech technology Java(TM) programming language. Based upon Flite: a speech technology smallrun-time speech synthesis engine developed at Carnegie Mellon speech technology University and derived from the Festival Speech Synthesis speech technology System from the University o
  • DEMOSTHeNES Speech Composer - A general-purpose multilingual and polyglot software text-to-speech (TTS) speech synthesis system speech technology that supports the Greek language using a speech synthesis wide variety speech technology of e-text sources. Free download has speech synthesis an open and speech technology component based architecture allowing flexibility, speech synthesis customization and ex
  • CSLU Speech Synthesis - Center for speech synthesis research, with demos and speech technology downloads speech synthesis cores available. Has a singing voice synthesis project.
  • HMM-based Speech Synthesis System - Free software tools for building HMM-based speech synthesis speech synthesis system. speech technology Nagoya Institute of Technology.
  • Java Applet for Speech Synthesis - Java applet/software for speech synthesis using the concatenation method. Currently speech synthesis cores developing formant synthesis version.
  • Fonix Corporation - Communications and technology company that provides integrated telecommunications services and speech technology value-added speech technologies. The combination of interactive speech technology and speech technology integrated telecommunications services provides for solutions to enhance a
  • E-Speech - Unusual text-to-speech synthesis offerings including name pronunciation software speech synthesis for speech synthesis speech recognition dictionaries and other custom applications.
  • Hindi Text To Speech System - Bliss Intelligent Technologies offers Hindi text to speech, speech synthesis Hindi OCR, Hindi speech recognition and IVR systems. speech synthesis Based Jaipur, India.
  • Loquendo - TTS manufacturer from Italy, support for many languages, speech synthesis cores speech technology online demonstration available.
  • Elan Speech - Elan Speech, dedicated global provider of text-to-speech (TTS) speech synthesis cores technologies for telecommunications, multimedia, embedded systems and mobile speech synthesis cores solutions. Provides 2 ranges of speech synthesis technologies speech synthesis cores for high quality and low footprint requirements. speech synthesis cores Man
  • Teknoses Speech Solutions - Turkish Text-To-Speech engine for Microsoft Agent and SAPI compliant applications. Trial version downloadable.
  • The Festvox Project - Free software tools and documentation for building new speech synthesis speech technology voices in English and other languages. Associated to Festival TTS. speech technology From Carnegie Mellon.
  • MARY Text-to-Speech System - Open source TTS System for German, English and speech synthesis cores Tibetian based on Mbrola.
  • Acapela Group - Merger of TTS companies Babeltech, Elan and Infovox. Many TTS-engines speech synthesis with online demonstrations.
  • Meridian One Speech - Downloads and support for Orpheus, a multilingual TTS engine providing speech synthesis unit selection and formant synthesis voices.
  • IBM Text-to-Speech Research - IBM Text-to-Speech (TTS) Research interactive demo, multi lingual, speech synthesis cores speech synthesis unconstrained.
  • SVOX Interactive Text to Speech Demo - TTS-Demo of University of Zurich. Makes an .au file of speech synthesis cores German (only) text typed at web site.
  • Matrubhasha - A Unicode and MBROLA based software solution for speech synthesis text speech synthesis cores to speech synthesis (TTS) in Indian languages.
  • e-rhetor - Develops applications and systems that support the Greek speech synthesis language. Current products include a series of high speech synthesis quality Text-to-Speech products for the telecommunications and multimedia speech synthesis market.
  • AT&T Natural Voices - Features a line of speech synthesis products. Demos speech synthesis cores speech synthesis on the site.
  • ILSP - Ekfonitis+ - Ekfonitis+, Greek Text to Speech Synthesis from the Institute for speech synthesis cores Language and Speech Processing, Athens, Greece.
  • Sakrament - Speech recognition and synthesis software company, particularly Russian language. Markets speech synthesis cores a product to generate personalized voice-models (voice-cloning).
  • Cepstral Speech Synthesis - Text-to-speech for a wide selection of platforms - speech synthesis cores including servers, desktops and mobile. Provides a variety speech synthesis cores of languages, voices, and accents. Effective on line speech synthesis cores demo of speech quality.
  • NeoSpeech - TTS engine VoiceText is available in US English, Korean, Japanese speech synthesis and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Bitlips Speech Technologies - Finnish Speech Synthesis, offers small footprint as well as unit-selection speech synthesis cores engine. English language also available.

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