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Offers products for improving the user interface in consumer electronics through speech recognition, speech synthesis and other speech technologies. Provides company, product, and support information.

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  • Online Voice Recorder - Provides tool for adding audio to a web site.
  • Silent Software - Weblog for Microsoft Speech Server, VBSalt, and speech speech technology application development.
  • Visual MP3 - Sells visual GUI software which can read text files and tool kits save the speech to MP3, MP2, WAV, Ogg Vorbies and tool kits VOX formats. Includes mouth motion animation.
  • Natlantech - Develops and distributes software for speech analysis, speech speech technology recognition and Natural Language processing.
  • Gamer's Voice Commands and Macros - Shoot, a speech recognition program that emulates arbitrary tool kits keystrokes computers based on voice commands issued by the tool kits user. For computers controlling games. Win 98 and higher.
  • VAX VoIP Software Development Kit - Enable applications and Web pages to have voice conversation over the internet protocol (VoIP). It includes VoIP activeX (OCX), VoIP COM DLL, VoIP LIB and VoIP CAB, to provide wide implementation choice.
  • Wizzard Software Corp. - Speech recognition tools, packages and consulting services including a desktop Interactive Voice Assistant.
  • Chant - Information, software, and support for developing speech recognition speech technology applications.
  • Speech Filing System - Tools for Speech Research - SFS provides a computing environment for conducting research computers into the tool kits nature of speech. It comprises free computers software tools; special file tool kits and data formats; subroutine computers libraries for I/O, signal processing and tool kits graphics; use computers and documentation standards; and spe
  • Engineered Station - Pakistani Electrical Engineer offers basic level of information tool kits for computers implementing speech enabled applications using TAPI, MAPI tool kits and WAPI. computers A starter site for students tool kits and beginners.
  • HTK3 - Hidden Markov Toolkit - Development and distribution site for HTK3, a hidden speech technology markov toolkit designed for speech recognition. HTK3 is speech technology available for free download as C source. Used speech technology at hundreds of research sites world wide.
  • Intercom Program for Windows - ESDi is a shareware program to allow one or more people at a time talk via PC. Designed to run on LANs. Free trial.
  • Speak To Mail - Software and hardware allowing for speech interaction with email software speech technology packages such as Outlook Express, Eudora, and Netscape Messenger.
  • SpeechStudio Suite - A software toolset to develop, test, refine, deploy tool kits and maintain a speech recognition interface on Microsoft tool kits Windows (SAPI 5.0). Takes much of the tool kits difficulty and detail out of programming at the tool kits API level.
  • Free Subscription to Speech Technology - Speech Technology Magazine is recognized worldwide as a source of information on speech technology solutions that are changing communications and technology needs of organizations worldwide.
  • SBrecog Speech Recognizer Frequently Asked Questions - Early speech recognition library for C programmers, site is maintained speech technology by the author. It helps with installation and compile troubles speech technology and answers questions on the underlying SR techniques.
  • PC Command and Control - e-Speaking offers desktop command and control speech recognition tool kits software tool kits compatible with and complementary to Windows XP tool kits and Windows tool kits 2000. A fully functional version tool kits can be downloaded tool kits for free containing over 100 tool kits built-in commands.
  • Annosoft Lipsync Toolkit - Offers speech tools SDK for building automatic realtime animation lipsync, tool kits closed captioning and annotation applications. Clever downloadable demo animation lipsyncs tool kits to your microphone speech or .WAV files.
  • CTMaker - Real-time application generator for unified messaging systems; supports computers TAPI, SAPI, computers sharing information between SQL-databases, emails, web-pages, computers phones, pagers. Allows development computers of CTI applications.
  • VoiceClient - A speech enabled email solution based on VoiceXML, can be easily integrated into open speech environments and existing messaging solutions.
  • Vangard Voice Systems - Provides software tools to voice enable mobile and tool kits business speech technology applications. Voice recognition software tools for public tool kits safety, inventory speech technology management and logistics, medical IT, government, tool kits and customer records speech technology management. News, technology information, partne
  • Polfonetika - A research and development company specializing in speech and language engineering for Polish. Offers open source tools.
  • Clarity Technologies, Inc. - Offers software for noise cancellation, echo cancellation, elimination of background noise. Provides information for products and applications, investor relations, media, and support.
  • CSLU Toolkit - A suite of tools to enable exploration, learning, and research computers into speech and human-computer interaction. Includes facial animation.
  • Speech Recognition Kit - Offers products for improving the user interface in speech technology consumer electronics through speech recognition, speech synthesis and speech technology other speech technologies. Provides company, product, and support speech technology information.
  • Institute for Language and Speech Processing - Founded in Athens (Greece) in 1991 under the computers auspices of the General Secretariat of Research and computers Technology of the Ministry of Development. Language tools, computers Greek text to speech, language processing.
  • w3voice Skeleton - Development kit for voice-enabled web application.
  • Voxi - Swedish company which develops and licenses a general-purpose software platform, computers Intelligent Speech Interfaces (TM), involving speech recognition, natural language understanding, computers and high-quality audio feedback. Targets a wide array of applications computers rangin
  • Audio Search SDK - Compure develops software technologies to analyze audio. Products: Speak&Find to tool kits search for words or phrases (audio mining); ACTNow to detect tool kits music, jingles, advertisings, speakers; CoolRec to capture and manage audio tool kits data.

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