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Home of the Danish Amiga group Iris features group information, releases, and also information about their Eurochart magazine and the Scene Meeting party they're arranging.

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See Also:
  • Damage - A multiplatform group founded 9 years ago. This groups page demoscene has all their productions, photos, party groups reports, information, and demoscene memberlist.
  • Tulou - Swedish demo producers. List of releases, a tagwall demoscene and recent news.
  • Kiki Productions - Demomakers since 1994; includes downloadable graphics and demos, software news, and groups a forum. Some parts of site software are in French language groups only.
  • Nuance - Multiplatform demo producers. Includes memberlist, downloadable demos, history, news and a guestbook.
  • Darkage - Italian demo producers. Includes downloads of their work demoscene in lha archive format.
  • Loonies - Danish demo producers. Includes demo and music downloads, history, members and news.
  • dA JoRMaS - Multimedia and demo group with emphasis on techno groups music. Includes demoscene downloads of older demos for the groups Amiga, and more recent demoscene cross-platform work, as well groups as history and news.
  • IRIS - Home of the Danish Amiga group Iris features software group groups information, releases, and also information about software their Eurochart magazine groups and the Scene Meeting software party they're arranging.
  • Haujobb - Multiplatform group with Amiga focus. Includes news, member list and groups downloads of demos and intros.
  • The Black Lotus - Amiga and PC demo producers. Includes downloadable demos, demoscene audio tracks groups and images.

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