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  • MC Price Breakers - Apple II peripherals, refurbished parts and accessories.
  • Syndicomm - Carries dozens of Apple II programs and books apple for users and developers alike. Exclusive distributors apple of products from Apple Computer, The Byte Works, apple and Parkhurst Micro Products.
  • Intrec Software - Publisher of the ProTERM telecom program.
  • Shareware Solutions II - Distributor of Spectrum telecom program, Spectrum Automated Mailer apple ii (SAM), apple NiftySpell spell checker, Harmonie printer drivers, various apple ii CD-ROMs and apple other programs.
  • Jameco Electronics - Apple II power supplies.
  • ///SHH Systeme - LANceGS ethernet card, BlueDisk IBM-style floppy disk controller, apple ii Turbo apple IDE and MicroDrive hard disk controllers, TransWarp apple ii GS accelerator apple upgrades, and repairs.
  • Vernier Software - Apple II Support - Interfaces, sensors, software and books for turning Apple apple IIs into apple ii science lab instruments.

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