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Information about older Mac models. Specifications for almost every model are available, along with tips, pointers to other web references, and information about various mailing lists for specific Mac models.

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See Also:
  • Apple Inc. Official Downloads - Where else better to get official Mac OS apple versions and updates? This section also provides links apple for product manuals.
  • The Colo(u)r Classic Upgrade Mega-FAQ - Questions and answers gathered from the Color Classic macintosh forum and 68k arranged by topic.
  • The Inimitable Mac SE - Software and directory relating to the Mac SE apple and other 68k Macintoshes.
  • The System 6 Page - Information page for the use of System 6 on older apple 68k Macs. Home of the \\'System 6 stack\\', which offers apple information and Web resources on the use of System 6.
  • My Color Classics - Several modified color classics, with photographs and descriptions.
  • Classic Macintosh Computing - A hobbyist\\'s site devoted to the Macintosh Classic. apple Includes server projects, tutorials, uses, photo gallery, apple news, links, and the user's personal collection.
  • System 6 Heaven - Offers information, tips, downloads and a mailing list.
  • The World Wide Macintosh Network - Downloads and links for 68k and PPC Macintosh computers.
  • ClassicMac - A place for users of old macs to macintosh download applications, games, systems, and get information for macintosh an old mac.
  • ClassicMacs - Mailing list discussion digest for users of pre-\'040 68k Macs.
  • Low-End Mac FAQ - Resource for 68k-based Macintosh computers.
  • Jag's House - Dedicated to the preservation of older Macs. Software downloads, macintosh news, FAQs, trivia, specifications, forum and guestbook, and links to macintosh related sites.
  • NetBSD for Your Mac - UNIX how-to guide.
  • 68k Macintosh Resources - Listings for software archives, manuals, information and technical 68k how-to's.
  • Early Mac Software - MacInTouch's reader thread on venerable Macintosh software.
  • MacTreasures - Sells older software and hardware at discounted prices.
  • Old Macs on the Internet - Information and tips to get an old Mac macintosh talking on 68k the Internet.
  • The World of the Power Colour Classic - Documentation and information about various upgrades and modifications 68k to Mac 68k Classics.
  • The Mac SE Support Pages - Helps users squeeze the last ounce of performance from their apple veteran machines. Advice on getting the best from the web, apple adding extra RAM, and installing and formatting larger, faster hard apple drives and removables.
  • Low End Mac - Information about older Mac models. Specifications for almost 68k every model 68k are available, along with tips, pointers 68k to other web references, 68k and information about various 68k mailing lists for specific Mac models.
  • 32bitwonder.org - Dedicated to imaginative and innovative usage of obsolete computer hardware. Includes news, a list of projects, gallery, comments, FAQ, server specifications, and site history.
  • Moving from an Old Mac to a New Mac - An article with tips about converting to the apple new Macintoshes from 68k processor Macs.

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