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  • MicroAPL Porting Tools and Services - A range of products which translates CISC assembly-language porting code into development optimized, high-performance RISC code including PortAsm/68K, porting which converts 68000 assembly development language to run on porting the PowerPC, Intel x86.
  • MacLame - MacLAME is a very quick effort to make development LAME available porting on the Macintosh/PPC platform.
  • Vertical Solutions - Software developers specializing in Windows to Macintosh porting; macintosh a listing of their services and an index macintosh of tools
  • YAAF - Yet Another Application Framework - Designed to allow the easy development of cross-platform macintosh applications for macintosh the Macintosh OS, Windows 95 and macintosh Windows NT, and X macintosh Windows. Written in C++, macintosh YAAF provides a basic core framework macintosh for working macintosh with windows, views, menus, and controls in a macintosh macintosh portable f

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